Vancouver Canucks Turn Up Their Game Towards Stanley Cup Playoffs

John BainCorrespondent IIMarch 31, 2012

Around this time of year, fan videos made to pump one another up, surface as the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs rapidly approach. 

This was my first attempt at any kind of the aforementioned videos, and hope you all enjoy it. Sorry Canucks fans, but I felt the inclusion of the heartbreak from a season ago was necessary so you can recover through the video and build up excitement for this year.

Some fan videos are horrendous, and I did my best to make it as authentic as I could.

I am not sure if B/R is a suitable place to post such a video, but it is worth a shot.

During my time as a sports fan (my entire life), both professional and amateur videos and trailers have got me so pumped up, made me cry, and given me goosebumps, and I hope to achieve some sort of emotional connection with my viewers to this video.

I've always loved the CBC videos pre and post game made by Tim Thompson as well as countless NFL Films videos, NHL 24/7 Montages, and many more.

So in short, I just wanted to share this with my fellow video editors, and appreciators out there as well as Canucks fans on Bleacher Report.

If you enjoy the video, I ask that you please share it via social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and spread the Canucks love!

Song: Turn It Up

Artist: Timeflies

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