WWE WrestleMania 28: A Possible Outcome for the Rock vs. John Cena

Andrew TwiragaCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2012

Rumors of a John Cena heel turn have run rampant for months now, and while several wild scenarios have been presented but ultimately did not come to fruition, there exists the fact that WWE's storyline arc for the WrestleMania main event concludes this Sunday after over a year of buildup.

Something big has to happen in this match: a real game changer, if you will. Surely, Dwayne Johnson would not have agreed to take part in this entire program if the end result is simply a win for either John Cena or himself.

With The Rock supposedly penciled in for another match at next year's big event, it is safe to assume that Johnson plans to have his character remain a major force in WWE for some time.

So what kind of ending could befit the buildup of this year-long saga?

Maybe it won't end at all, but rather continue.

Some people say John Cena should turn heel, while others say there is no reason for it to happen, citing a risk too great for WWE to take.

While I understand the concerns of the latter group, I tend to buy into the progressive view of the former. In fact, I believe the seed for this heel turn was planted the moment Dwayne Johnson agreed to resurrect The Great One.

It is no coincidence that WrestleMania takes place in The Rock's hometown this year. John Cena can only credibly turn heel on a face of equal or greater renown, and The Rock is the only man who can play that role at this point in time.

With Miami as a backdrop, WWE can ensure the audience will react according to plan, drawing as much heat on Cena as possible.

So how exactly can this heel turn occur? What is the reasoning behind it?

Last summer, CM Punk called out John Cena for being phony, a "company man" who will surely tow the company line when necessary.

At WrestleMania, John Cena may finally be revealed as such, perhaps as Vince McMahon's protege. The Rock will be punished and embarrassed in his hometown for walking out on Vince's company when it needed him the most.

Maybe John Cena has simply been parroting Mr. McMahon every time he has run down The Rock in the past year. The vindictive, vengeful character of Mr. McMahon has never shied from holding grudges, and what better way to get back at The Rock than to do this?

Anything can happen in WWE.

Here's hoping for some drama this Sunday night.