The Boston Bruins Bear and Each NHL Team's Funniest Local Commercial

Jason Sapunka@moreSapunkaCorrespondent IIApril 2, 2012

The Boston Bruins Bear and Each NHL Team's Funniest Local Commercial

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    The Boston Bruins have had a rather hilarious set of commercials running locally, including a bear going around the TD Garden giving rules.

    One such commercial contained a Bruins fan who was with a girl wearing a Montreal Canadiens' jersey. "But she's so pretty!" was his excuse.

    Another one was a response to a video of a girl who kicked in part of a pillar at the Garden.

    The commercials generally entail humorous situations appropriate for most teams' fans.

    Other organizations have local commercials that are funny in their own way.

Anaheim Ducks

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    Did your school allow skate sharpeners in class?

Boston Bruins

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    What makes this commercial so great is that every hockey fan should follow the rule.

Buffalo Sabres

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    Oh, no big deal, Jason Pominville is just hanging out in this guy's store.

Calgary Flames

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    Last season the Flames held a contest called "Brand Your Passion" on Facebook. Fans could submit a 30-second commercial, the winner of which received $10,000 in addition to their commercial airing on Sportsnet during a game.

    This didn't win, believe it or not.

Carolina Hurricanes

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    This old commercial parodies a scene in The Matrix in which Keanu Reeves readies himself for a gunfight in a similar manner.

Colorado Avalanche

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    The Avs' funny local commercial was not all that great, but this one by ESPN was worth watching.

Chicago Blackhawks

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    What are you doing?

Columbus Blue Jackets

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    The commercial was not meant to be funny, but the awkwardness of it makes R.J. Umberger's first bell ringing a little entertaining.

Dallas Stars

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    This was apparently aired during the Stars' first season in Dallas after relocating from Minnesota.


Detroit Red Wings

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    Nothing says hockey like candles in a locker room.

Edmonton Oilers

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    Once commercials reach a certain age, their "I'm from the wrong era" feel makes them humorous.

Florida Panthers

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    It would get her a five-game suspension in today's NHL.

Los Angeles Kings

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    They look ridiculous.

Minnesota Wild

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    Well, so much for asking the roommate if it's okay to have guests over...

Montreal Canadiens

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    Something about Denis Savard and Coca-Cola somehow bringing him to the Canadiens.

    It's a perfectly logical concept.

Nashville Predators

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    If anyone ever questions where you were, just meow after telling the truth.

New Jersey Devils

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    The Devils' local commercials aren't all that funny, but this ESPN spot just can't be ignored.

New York Islanders

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    SNY provides coverage of all New York-area sports teams, including the Islanders.

    The commercial is based on a study that said watching sports can actually boost testosterone levels.

New York Rangers

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    Those look cool. Googling where a pair of Sasson jeans can be found is now a top priority.

Ottawa Senators

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    Subway is an official sponsor of the team, leading to this great commercial.

Philadelphia Flyers

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    For local matters, there is an awful old Tastykakes commercial that is worth a look, but this NHL spot is a classic that can't be ignored.

Phoenix Coyotes

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    This is the happiest anyone has ever looked while eating a taco from Taco Bell.

Pittsburgh Penguins

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    What exactly was Max Talbot doing with his hands?

San Jose Sharks

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    The Sharks have a number of "He's a lousy ____ but he's a great hockey player" commercials, but this one features the team's toughest player being afraid of a raccoon.

St. Louis Blues

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    Not exactly a funny commercial, but that song is awful enough to ruin this commercial.

Tampa Bay Lightning

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    He might do a better job if he organized the desk a little better.

Toronto Maple Leafs

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    It would be pretty impressive to find a goal so ridiculous that it makes the goalie quit hockey and become a gardener.

Vancouver Canucks

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    If this was aired during the riots after Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, Vancouver probably would've looked at the screen and said, "Oh. Right, let's stop all this. Go flip that car back over and get some extinguishers to put out the fires."

Washington Capitals

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    There is another ridiculous commercial that suggests the Secret Service listens to Capitals games all day, but this...



Winnipeg Jets

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    This old Atlanta Thrashers spot gets the message across.


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