Bucky Channel Readers: The Real Losers After Bucks' Loss

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst IJanuary 18, 2009

As you may have noticed, I usually do not write the Bucks recaps here at The Bucky Channel. My friend, and co-author, Bear, takes care of this for me and I appreciate it greatly. He usually does a pretty good job at it too, and I thank him for every effort.

He's over at my house—well, my parents’ house—watching the NFC Championship game right now, and we're actually in the middle of a discussion about the merit of these recaps.

Usually, it's the same thing after every game, and we don't feel it's the reason why people come to this site. In fact my brother, b2, says that he usually doesn't read the recaps, as Brew Hoop is really the only place you need to go for a decent review of last night's game.

Not only that, but I'm starting to write the Bucks recaps at 4:22pm on Sunday afternoon, a full 16 hours after the Bucks actually did lose to the Clippers 101-92. In blog time, the Bucks loss is already ancient news, and people are now focused on who will lose the bet between
 Leitch and Daulerio.

If I were to write a real recap, however, it would be about how the Bucks continue to alternate wins and losses, how the Clippers snapped a 12-game losing streak, and how Los Angeles shot better than 50 percent for the first time all season. We would talk about how much it sucked that the Bucks loss, but how we're still optimistic about their season.

Hopefully, after Monday's game against the Blazers, we'll get back into the swing of things of Bucks recaps. That is, if Bear is up to it.

(Editor's note: Sorry I was all in your grill on this one, Bear. Rather that than all up in your box...score.)