"Gene Chizik Leads Auburn to 9-3 Record His First Season in 2009!"

Lisa JohnsonContributor IJanuary 18, 2009

I know what you must be thinking—that this Auburn fan is an uninformed, delusional nut. I assure you I have done my homework, and although I truly don't believe we will go 9-3, I do believe it's possible for Auburn to have an 8-4 record in their 2009 season. Now I'll try my best to explain why.

I was like a lot of other fans when I heard about the hiring...a little disappointed, to say the least. That is, until Chizik started putting his staff together and I started to do a little research.

Gus Malzahn, Curtis Luper, Trooper Taylor, Ted Roof, Tracy Rocker, Jay Boulware, and Kevin Yoxall were his picks.  I'm not telling you this because I don't think you are not well informed and don't already now it. I'm repeating it because this staff is the reason I believe maybe, just maybe, Chizik with all this talent can turn Auburn around.

And for all the naysayers out there who keep saying Chizik was a horrible head coach...I'll agree. He did not have a winning program, but he was on the verge of having one. He was playing 11 freshmen, getting them ready for the future.

So let me show you how much better a losing coach and team with a lot less talent did than Auburn did last year, and maybe you'll give Coach Chizik another look.

Iowa State had 36 touchdowns, 1,670 rushing yards, 18 rushing TDs, 2,981 receiving yards, and 17 receiving TDs for an offensive total of 4,651 yards! Auburn had 25 touchdowns, 1,736 rushing yards, 12 rushing TDs, 1,985 receiving yards, and seven receiving TDs for an offensive total of 3,721 yards!