Cricket: Looking Back

Ankit MishraContributor IJanuary 18, 2009

Growing up with Cricket

The love for any sport has to begin somewhere. For me, the love of cricket began when I was nine years old. Too late, some of you might quip. But there is nothing you can do to change facts. To make it more interesting, I played cricket even before I watched it for the first time, and it had nothing to do with India’s technological backwardness then.

One memory that is strongly etched in my mind is that of rain. Aarghh! RAIN! Damn rain!

If ever there was something that could stop a cricket match most often, it was the rains. Often, on summer days, when the cricket match would be at its best, or I would be on the verge of a milestone, it would pour.

Poor me, I did not even knew how to swear back then!

Post summer, came the monsoons. Living in a monsoon-affected country can have its disadvantages too. For over a month, water and algae would submerge the ground that we played on.


People in India who played cricket in their childhood would relate to it. Sometimes, when the water had not fully receded, we would still go out and play. Diving in the puddles to take a really simple catch was one of my favorite actions. Returning home with bruises and stained clothes, was however not one of them.

Mom used to be furious. But then, those were the days. These days, practicing in the university’s lush outfields sometimes brings nostalgic tears in my eyes.  I get a feeling of where I was and where I have reached.

Such is life. A corner of my mind still tells me that those were the better days.

We played for fun. Today, we play to win. The skills are the same but the attitude has changed. These days, playing a four-day match, sometimes we relish some rain, something that would have been criminal during the formative years.

I really miss and admire the way I started my cricket. This is a tribute to the time that taught me the game I am so passionate about.

The love for anything depends a lot on the origins of the love, and I love the origins of my love for cricket.