Is Eric Gordon Indiana's Real Star?

andrew thompsonCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2008

I'm so tired of people always saying how great Eric Gordon is.

He's good, but in my opinion, Armon Basset is the real star of the team.

If people watched the Ohio State game or the Purdue game, they would have noticed that Basset was the main reason why Indiana won either of those games.

I watched both games with my dad, (a huge Boilermaker fan) and he even said that Armon was good.

I know Gordon's only a freshman and he's playing great basketball, but Basset is only a sophmore. It's not a huge difference. And if you've noticed, Eric Gordon hasn't been playing as well since they started conference play.

Armon Basset and D.J. White have been carrying the entire Hoosier team on their backs.

Plus, Eric Gordon only came to this school thinking, "I just want one good year then I'm going pro!"

Armon's good enough to go pro, but he will stay the full four years. It's not just because of the team, but that is part of it.

If you all want to think Eric Gordon is good, fine. I'm a huge Hoosier fan, so I like him too. Just stop acting like he's the only reason Indiana is good. He's one of three good players on that team.