How Will New S2000 Rules Change WRC ?

Mustafa SariContributor IJanuary 18, 2009

WRC is dominated by Sebastian Loeb who is the legend of rallying. This year he won the championship again by far and Citroen won the Constructors Trophy in 2008.

Also FIA decided to cut the costs in WRC. I think they are too late to argue and save the costs in WRC because Subaru and Suzuki withdrawed from WRC. Only Ford BP WRC Team and Citroen Total WRC Team committed to WRC.  

Other competitors are second teams of the manufacturers and private teams so WRC is future looks darker than Formula One.

In this article, I don't want to talk about crisis in WRC or politics in WRC. I want to argue about WRC cars and new 2010 S2000 cars.

I like old Lancia's or group B cars because they were hard to drive and they were so fast. Also 4WD focus or C4 WRC looks great and their speed and reliability is very impressive.

But in 2010 new regulated S2000 cars will take places of current WRCs. I like the sound of Abarth S2000 or 207 S2000 IRC cars but they have less technological and slower than current cars.

Like Loeb mentioned before if the new S2000 cars are fast as current cars, there is no problem but if they are like current S2000's. WRC look like a bigger version of the IRC.

In conclusion, I hope new rules will save racing hard and more drifting in gravel. Also WRC is the Formula One of rallying and FIA should not let IRC to takeover WRC in near future.  I love WRC and I want the drivers like Loeb, Hirvonen, Latvala or others to drive faster like current cars.

So the main idea of my article is save racing and cut the costs but don't beat the racing spirit.