Adding Miguel Torres vs. Michael McDonald to UFC 146 Was the Right Call

Jeremy BotterMMA Senior WriterMarch 30, 2012

The fact that the bantamweight bout between Miguel Torres and Michael McDonald was ever included on the preliminary card at UFC 145 is ridiculous.

Yes, I understand the reasoning behind it. The UFC wants strong fights on their FX telecast. They want bouts that will entice the fans to order the pay-per-view event, and so they have historically loaded up that show with great fights. It's a good business deal.

But Torres vs. McDonald is an exception, not the rule. It's a fight with real title implications. The winner of this fight is either going to get an immediate title shot (if it's Torres) or find himself very close to it (if it's McDonald). 

On top of that, it's a fight featuring the crafty veteran against the kid who many believe could be the future of his division.

Basically, it's a hell of a fight, and I obviously support the UFC's decision to move Torres vs. McDonald to the UFC 145 pay-per-view, which will now feature six fights instead of the usual five.

“Fighting on Pay-Per-View is special to me,” said Torres. “I would watch the big boxing cards with my father as a kid, and my father would well up with pride and emotion when guys like Julio Cesar Chavez fought. I'd never seen my father show so much emotion and I am proud to become an extension of that great Mexican fighting legacy in the UFC.”

Moving this card to the pay per view was the right call. It should've been one of the featured attractions from the very beginning, but I'll take what I can get.