WrestleMania 28: CM Punk Must Lose to Chris Jericho for Their Feud to Continue

Tom HauritzCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2012

I said in a previous article that I wanted to see more from the CM Punk and Chris Jericho feud. I’m sure there are many out there who would love the same thing. However, if this feud is going to continue beyond WrestleMania, CM Punk must drop the title to Jericho.

If Punk walks away from Miami still WWE Champion, then as far as I am concerned there is no doubt that he is “the best in the world.” Any credibility, argument or momentum that Chris Jericho would need to sustain the feud would be gone.

WWE has already robbed Jericho of his credibility and momentum once, by having him lose the Royal Rumble and have his “end of the world as you know it” angle come to have very little substance. To his credit though, Jericho has risen above that setback to well and truly do his part in this fantastic feud.

To have CM Punk come out on top would undermine the validity of Jericho’s challenge of not just the WWE title, but the moniker of “best in the world.” Many would lose interest if Y2J came again to challenge Punk after losing, much like many tired of Christian wanting “one more match.”

While WWE could use this approach, I would rather not see Jericho fall to such a low, desperate level. I would rather see him win the title from Punk at WrestleMania and have CM Punk become the hunter once again.

Jericho would need to play dirty to win the title, so as not to weaken Punk, but that should be easy considering the tactless heel he has become. This would also provide the ammunition to fire up Punk as he comes after Y2J and his title.

In pulling out all the heel stops to take Punk’s title and rubbing it in using the CM Drunk angle employed recently, Jericho would drive CM Punk to a new level. We would bear witness to more ridiculously amazing promos and we would be given the time to watch these two introduce new twists and turns and create one of the best feuds of all time.

On top of this, many believe that CM Punk is better when he is chasing the title, and I tend to agree. When he was after John Cena, Punk launched himself to superstardom and set the wrestling world on fire with his now infamous “shoot” promo.

While he is possibly the best WWE superstar to hold the belt in some time and I have enjoyed his title reign (thank god the hot potato has ended), he seems to go to another level when in pursuit of the gold.

As a CM Punk fan, I don’t want to see his reign as WWE Champion come to an end. In fact, I would love to see him carry it for a long time and see off some great challenges along the way. On the other hand, as a wrestling fan and for the good of the business, I think he needs to drop it to Y2J to allow this feud to continue.

If Punk walks away from Miami as champion, Chris Jericho will look too weak for a continued challenge to seem legitimate. However, if he finds a way to defeat CM Punk, we will again see the best from “the best wrestler in the world” as he pursues Jericho to rightfully claim his moniker, his rematch and ultimately, his WWE championship.

Chris Jericho must win at WrestleMania 28 so this feud can continue.