Omar Minaya and the New York Mets' Starting Pitching Puzzle

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIJanuary 18, 2009

The Mets started their offseason with a bang, along with their cross-town rivals, the Yankees.

With the signing of the best closer on the market and possibly the best closer in the MLB, Francisco Rodriguez, things couldn't have been better for Mets' fans.

We were wrong, because the following day, Omar and the Mets landed JJ Putz in a three-team trade.  It was great, we were looking good.

Now, all we had to do was sign a guy like AJ Burnett, or Derek Lowe, or maybe even CC Sabathia.  Can you imagine that rotation?  Two of the best pitchers in baseball in the same rotation.

Our dreams of getting CC Sabathia in the same rotation as Johan Santana were shattered when the Yankees signed him to a monstrous deal.

We didn't worry, we had Burnett.  Or did we? No, the Yankees signed him to.

So, now us Mets' fans are a little mad for the first time this offseason. We missed out on two great guys that would've been a major upgrade to our rotation.

But, as us fellow New Yorkers say, "Don't worry bout it!"  We didn't, knowing that starting pitcher Derek Lowe was still on the market.

He was no Sabathia or Burnett, but he could eat innings and fit nicely in our rotation. We gave him an offer, and he really didn't like it and neither did his agent, Scott Boras. 

The Mets also needed a fifth starter, so they went and got former Nationals' starting pitcher, Tim Redding.  Redding, who is a New York native and all us Mets' fans knew because of that and his love for the city, would put a little extra oomph in his pitching.

Now that we got our fifth starter, our starting pitching puzzle was almost complete.  Until the little boy in the Braves' hat stole the piece, completing his puzzle and giving the little Met fan a dirty grin.

Like any little Met fan who was going to get his puzzle finished but got it stolen by the little freckled Braves fan, he was sad.

He poured out the other puzzle pieces and they just didn't fit as well.  So, as of now, that little Mets' fan is seeing what puzzle piece fits the best out of his other puzzle pieces.

It can be a piece like Ben Sheets; he's good, but he has big tear in him. Or, Jon Garland, Randy Wolf and maybe even Oliver Perez, who keeps popping in and out of the puzzle, or even a mystery pitcher. 

So, there's my way of looking at this little bump in Mets' Lane.  Let's hope they find the right puzzle piece soon, because I'm getting anxious.