5 MMA Themed Reality Shows TV Networks Could Feature

Kyle Symes@ksymes88Correspondent IIIMarch 30, 2012

5 MMA Themed Reality Shows TV Networks Could Feature

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    With the newest season of The Ultimate Fighter and The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil beginning its first season, the reality TV scene is getting more and more MMA mixed in.

    It's no secret that MMA fans love to see an inside look at how training camps play out. Camps are typically top secret material and the opportunity to see how fighters prepare themselves for 15-25 minutes of battle are intriguing.

    While MMA fans can get a behind the scenes look at the fighters through The Ultimate Fighter there's a lot more areas that reality TV execs could pick up on as well.

MMA Legends

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    All too often a fighter's fall from grace is fast and furious. A career can be over in an instant or end in a long tragic decline that very few MMA fans wish to see.

    A reality TV crew could follow around certain "legends" of MMA that are on the downside of their career, but still attempting to make a career out of fighting full time. Guys like Tim Sylvia, Ken Shamrock and Jeremy Horn among others would be great possibilities.

    All of the mentioned fighters are at different points in their career with some even having a chance at returning to the big leagues.

    It would be like watching a train wreck on national TV at certain times, something America has shown its preference for tuning in.

The MMA Gym Family

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    As with any sport, competitors often police themselves, given the fact that there are so few coaches compared to the number of fighters under a gym's roof.

    A reality show about how members of the gym interact with one another could be very entertaining. Instead of focusing on a number of fighters, focus instead on a certain gym. There's got to be plenty of stories that are kept "in house" under mega-gyms like Jackon's MMA and AKA.

    Watching the Jon Jones-Rashad Evans saga play out on national TV would be a great storyline for TV execs to build upon through each weekly episode.

The Ultimate Family

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    We've seen fighters spend countless hours in the gym, but rarely do we see the family members that support them at home.

    Often times fighters want to make sure they thank their wife/girlfriend for putting up with them through training and it'd be interesting to see how family members cope with their loved ones being away for so long.

    Certain fighters often travel hundreds of miles away from their families in order to receive the proper training. Even the ones that do stay close to home still have trouble balancing out training time and family time.

    Shows like Army Wives and Basketball Wives have already proven to be successful TV shows, why not MMA Wives?

The Ultimate Promoter

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    No I don't mean a show featuring the life of Dana White, he already gives us plenty of insight into his world. What I mean is a show based on regional MMA promoters.

    It's often a cutthroat business in the regional scene for MMA promoters as each one tries to outdo the other. We've seen shows about lower level promoters in professional wrestling be popular, and I have no doubt viewers would tune in to see how a MMA show is run.

    Cameras could follow a number of promoters across the United States depicting the differences between promoting in separate areas of the country. Returning seasons could feature promoters outside America as well.

The Ultimate Coach

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    While we've seen countless hours of how fighters balance out their training techniques, we never really get to see behind the scenes with MMA coaches.

    Coming up with the perfect training regimen and game plans often take a lot of work and commitment. Fighters may spend hours upon hours in the gym, but coaches spend even more time outside gym hours attempting to find holes in the fighter's opponent's game.

    Like how other team sports give us a glimpse of "coach talk" with microphones for head coaches, a show featured on MMA coaches would show us the method to the madness.