New York Giants Mock Draft: Grading Matt Miller's Latest Picks

Jeff Shull@Jeff_ShullAnalyst IMarch 30, 2012

New York Giants Mock Draft: Grading Matt Miller's Latest Picks

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    The New York Giants changed everyone's thinking when it comes to mock drafts when they targeted and subsequently signed former Dallas Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett. 

    Some actually still believe they could go after a tight end early, but given Jerry Reese's draft philosophy from former drafts, I doubt that is a possibility. 

    I have updated my mock draft accordingly, as has Bleacher Report's own Matt Miller, who will be the focus of this slideshow. I will grade every pick Miller made for the Giants in this article, as he has made changes throughout his most recent mock draft.

Round 1: Mike Adams OT, Ohio State

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    Given that Matt and I picked the exact same player, I have no choice but to give this selection an A+. The Giants have a clear need to upgrade and inject some youth into the offensive line. 

    They have told right tackle Kareem McKenzie to move on, and replacing him could happen as early as Round 1. 

    Grade: A+

Round 2: Bobby Wagner LB, Utah State

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    I actually love Bobby Wagner as a prospect, but not at this point for the Giants. First of all, I'm not even sure he'll last this long in the second round. Secondly, the Giants do not need an outside linebacker. 

    Even if Jonathan Goff signs with another team, and Michael Boley moves to the middle, Jacquian Williams can step up and play outside linebacker. 

    The Giants like what the rookie showed in his time last season; more than likely, they feel he can have an increased role next season if it comes to that.

    Grade: C  

Round 3: Robert Turbin RB, Utah State

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    Robert Turbin is a perfect powerful, bruising style running back who can complement Ahmad Bradshaw in the running game. 

    The Giants finished last in the NFL rushing the football and cut backup running back Brandon Jacobs on March 9, so they need to find someone who can contribute right away. 

    I'm not sure that person is on the Giants roster. Turbin is a perfect fit. 

    Grade: A

Round 4: DeAngelo Peterson TE, LSU

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    Funny that Miller went with Peterson in the fourth round, when in my mock draft, I had the Giants selecting Ladarius Green in the same round. 

    Peterson is not the sexy option that Green is, but he may very well be the one the Giants select in the middle rounds. Peterson played in a run-first offense and can provide the Giants with a polished tight end blocker. 

    Martellus Bennett is a good blocker, but there is no harm in adding another body that can improve the Giants terrible run game from a year ago. 

    While I like Green better, I could see this pick as well. 

    Grade: B+

Round 4 (Compensatory Pick): Leonard Johnson CB, Iowa State

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    While I have nothing against Leonard Johnson, I do not see cornerback as a need the Giants would address this early in the going. 

    They did lose Aaron Ross, but they also re-signed Terrell Thomas, Michael Coe and Justin Tryon. They also have 2011 first round draft pick Prince Amukamara, who might be able to step up with a full offseason's training. 

    Grade: C-

Round 5: TJ Graham WR, NC State

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    T.J. Graham was not a real big threat at N.C. State, but he showed flashes of being a capable third- or fourth-string receiver in the NFL. 

    I'm warming up to the idea of the Giants drafting a wide receiver, especially now that Devin Thomas moved on to the Chicago Bears

    The added element of Graham's return skills is what makes this an even better selection. Thomas was the Giants primary kick returner in 2011, and Graham did the same for NC State.

    Grade: B+

Round 6: Nicolas Jean-Baptiste DT, Baylor

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    While I do not disagree with Miller's direction, I seriously doubt the idea that Nicolas Jean-Baptiste will still be around at this point. Stranger things have happened, but he is a very good defensive tackle whom I see going much earlier. 

    Obviously, the grade for this pick will be an A+ if it actually comes to fruition, but based on my own analysis, it will not. 

    Grade: C 

Round 7: Matt Daniels SS, Duke

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    The Giants would definitely be kicking themselves if Matt Daniels fell to them all the way towards the end of Round 7, but it could happen. 

    Despite being an All American, Daniels is a late-round prospect who is flying under the radar. Given that the Giants have not re-signed Deon Grant, safety is a position of need right now. 

    The Giants love smart players who can contribute on special teams, and Daniels can be that type of player early in his career. 

    Grade: A+