TNA Impact Wrestling: Hulk Hogan Takes Charge, Austin Aries Main Events and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IMarch 30, 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling opened with TNA World Champion Bobby Roode surrounded by police.

He not only defeated Sting as a wrestler, but he also defeated him as a general manager. With that, he had won the war.

He was better than Sting ever was, and as for Dixie, she got what she deserved for sticking her nose in his business. No one could stop him and that brought out James Storm.

Roode wasn’t a man since he liked to attack women, and James Storm was there to beat him down.

Bully Ray then slid in and attacked Storm from behind. Storm quickly recuperated and knocked the Bully out of the ring.

He was about to hit the Last Call to Roode, but security intervened. A handicap match was then setup for the main event.

I liked this opening segment. Booby Roode was solid on the mic and continues to prove that he’s one of the best heels in the business today.

While Storm isn’t as strong on the mic as Roode is, he’s still quite good and it showed here.

I wish the Bully received some mic time as he’s always pure entertainment, but a quick attack did just fine.

Backstage, there was a bit of tension between Madison Rayne and Gail Kim. Gail gave Madison a new tiara and they made up.

I’m a bit disappointed that Madison will continue to be Gail’s lackey, but maybe this is actually leading to her turning on Gail in the near future.

Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne

Velvet picked up the victory with her finisher In Yo Face. I thought this was a good match that featured some nice action.

Both women performed very well here and the Knockout’s continue to be so much better than the WWE Divas.

Post-match, Velvet said that she was coming for Gail Kim and the title!

I’m quite glad that Velvet received the win here. She was screwed out of the title just because Gail Kim returned to TNA, and Velvet never received her rightful rematch. I hope that this win really will get her back in line for the title.

While I want to see her with the belt, I don’t think it should happen just yet.

TNA should build up her quest of reclaiming the title and have the match at Slammiversary.

Look at the build-up to the Roode/ Storm match at Lockdown; it’s been building up for months and is quite the anticipated match.

If TNA can do that for the Knockout’s division, it could be just what the division needs to get back to its former glory.

You still can’t count Madison out of the title picture, though. Like I said, I think Madison is ultimately playing Gail and will turn on her soon.

Backstage, Bully Ray is sick of being pushed around and he’ll soon take out James Storm in the match. Roode wanted a high five, but the Bully just left him hanging.

I like that there’s still tension between these two. I have a feeling that Storm will be winning the title at Lockdown and that it’ll be Roode and Bully Ray battling over the No. one contender spot for Sacrifice.

Footage of Dixie Carter talking to Hulk Hogan from earlier is then shown. Dixie wanted him to take charge but Hogan wasn’t sure if he wanted to.

He saw a dark cloud over TNA because of Roode and he didn’t know if he wanted to step in the middle of it. He promised to think about it and give his answer on the show later.

Storyline-wise, Bobby Roode may be a dark cloud, but in reality is the best thing in TNA right now!

As for Hogan possibly being in charge, I’m waiting to see what happens before I say anything.

Backstage, Kurt Angle declared that he wasn’t giving Jeff Hardy a rematch because he was a cry-baby. If he could defeat Mr. Anderson later, though, then he could have the match.

So, Angle called Hardy a cry-baby. I guess Angle never made it out of elementary school.

As Christy Hemme was about to announce the next match, she was interrupted by Austin Aries. He had a problem and that problem was Bully Ray.

The Bully was embarrassed that he was beaten by Storm in two minutes at Victory Road, so he decided to take it out on the first person he saw.

He made a mistake choosing Aries, though. He have balls bigger than Bully Ray’s calves and will not let anyone push him around.

Storm respected the Cowboy for that reason. He then offered to be his partner in the match.

Austin Aries was great on the mic here, but he’s always a solid performer, so that’s no real surprise.

When Bully Ray attacked Aries last week I was hoping that it would lead to an Aries/Bully feud, and it looks like it did!

The mic work these two could produce together will be classic and their matches should be very good as well. The Bully has proven to be able to put on a good singles match, and putting him in the ring with someone like Aries should produce something great!

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

The match ended in a double count-out as the two wrestlers brawled outside the ring and eventually out of the Impact Zone.

This was more of a fight than it was a wrestling match, but I like it because of that. These two are big men and seeing them throw fists and execute big power moves is more entertaining than seeing them try to wrestle each other.

As wrestlers, I don’t think they have much chemistry, but as brawlers then mesh very well together.

I’m usually not a fan of matches ending in a no-contest, but it works here. This feud just got back up on its feet, giving one the advantage over the other so quickly that it would make the loser look weak early on.

This no-contest finish not only keeps Crimson’s undefeated streak alive, it also keeps Morgan looking strong.

They still appear equal and it makes it seem like Morgan has a chance to end the streak. I don’t think he will, but there’s always that chance that he might.

Backstage, Joe Parks appeared in the production truck. No one in there had seen Abyss, so Parks left his card.

So when is Abyss coming back?

Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

During this match, it was announced that the Motor City Machine Guns would be returning next week! My level of excitement just shot up big time!

As for the match, Anderson picked up the win after Angle attacked Hardy outside the ring and Anderson hit the Mic Check inside.

This was a decent match — not as good as I thought it was going to be. Both performed well but they just didn’t mesh well together like they have in the past.

While I was hoping that this match would actually have a clean finish, I knew that it was unrealistic with the current feud between Hardy and Angle.

I wasn’t really sold on the a Hardy/Angle program at first as it just seems like they put the two main event stars together to keep them busy while Roode and Storm duked it out.

Their match at Victory Road changed my mind a bit and if they really do go at it inside the cage at Lockdown, I may be sold completely.

Angle has a history of having great performances at TNA’s annual steel cage PPV and Hardy has proven to be back on his game. Putting these two inside of a steel cage could be a potential show stealer.

Anderson has been quite good since his return, but he needs something to do. TNA’s favorite A-hole is always entertaining when he’s on television and would make a great television champion.

The Television Championship really should be better utilized. Seeing Devon defend it every night, or even every other night, would bring some legitimacy to the belt.

If he and Anderson were to eventually enter into a program together I think it would create some intriguing television.

The music video for James Storm’s entrance music “Longnecks & Rednecks” then debuted.

It was alright. I’m not really a country music fan, so I don’t really know what makes a good country music video. To a country music fan, this may have been awesome.

At a random house, Eric Young and ODB are planning their wedding. A blonde wedding planner then appeared and tried to help them get things together.

ODB grew jealous and eventually kicked her out. She decided that they didn’t need a planner and that the wedding would take place inside of a steel cage.

A steel cage wedding? Well this should be interesting.

Eric Bischoff then unfortunately made his way out. He went over the reasons as to why he was successful and called out his son Garret.

He gave him a choice: he could either face Gunner at Lockdown or walk out right now. A cage match with Gunner wasn’t going to scare Garret and he accepted the match.

I can’t believe TNA is going to waste a perfectly good cage match on Garret Bischoff, especially since it’ll be 10 minutes of Gunner beating him down only to see Garret get a quick roll-up victory.

Maybe we’ll be surprised, though. I doubt it but I can have hope, right?

Fans were then shown footage of James Storm training for his match with Roode as well as talking about Beer Money.

This was a nice little video that hypes up Storm very well. I just hope that TNA doesn’t drop the ball like they did with Roode’s hype ultimately leading to a loss at Bound for Glory.

James Storm and Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode and Bully Ray

Storm and Aries picked up the victory when Storm hit the Last Call on Bully Ray after Roode accidentally spit beer in his eyes, but intentional pushed him in the way of the kick to save himself.

I thought this was a great match. There was good action throughout the whole thing and all four wrestlers performed extremely well.

The star of this match, though, was Austin Aries. He was downright entertaining during the first part of the match.

Seeing him outsmart and out wrestle Bobby Roode showed everybody that he deserved that spot in the match and is very much ready for the main event scene.

His interaction with Bully Ray was pure gold. Seeing the bully just yell at him as the X-Division champion used his quickness to screw with him was great.

The ending of this match will certainly bring some interesting television over the next couple of weeks. Bully Ray isn’t going to be too happy with Roode but he’ll still have to contend with A Double.

Truly great stuff here!

Dixie Carter then appeared in the ring and called out Hulk Hogan. As the fans chanted for the Hulkster, Dixie declared that she believed in Hogan and wanted him in charge.

Hogan declared, though, that he closed a book in his career after Bound for Glory, thus declining the offer.

That brought out Sting with some of the face wrestlers including A.J. Styles, James Storm and Jeff Hardy.

Sting said he couldn’t deny him, Dixie or the fans of this opportunity.

Hogan wanted to know that if he took the job that he’d get to start with a clean slate and that Sting had his back.

Sting said that Hogan would and that he had his back but wanted to know if we’d see the real “Eye of the Tiger” Hulk Hogan. Hogan said we would and accepted the position.

I actually enjoyed this segment.

Despite the IWC’s overall feelings towards Hulk Hogan, the man still has a presence inside the squared circle.

He’s still able to have the crowd in the palm of his hands without saying a word.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Hulkamaniac; I have been for over 20 years. I’m perfectly fine with him sticking around the wrestling business but not as a wrestler.

If this role of general manager keeps him out of the ring for good in TNA then I’m automatically happy.

As for him actually be “in charge” of Impact Wrestling, I want to see where it’s going before I say anything about it.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions; I just want to wait and see what kind of general manager he’s going to be.

If he’s a good one, then that’s great. If he sucks, I won’t be afraid to say so, but I won’t say anything until he actually does something.

Overall I thought his was a very good and solid episode of Impact Wrestling.

Last week was a bit weak but they picked things right back up.

All of the matches were enjoyable to watch and the in-ring segments were quite good, except for the Bischoff segment.

The rest of the show cancelled that out, though, and delivered something great!


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