Big Ten Football: Tweets of the Week

Adam Jacobi@Adam_JacobiBig Ten Football Lead WriterMarch 30, 2012

Montee Ball breaks to daylight, which is amazing since he apparently just IMs people all day.
Montee Ball breaks to daylight, which is amazing since he apparently just IMs people all day.Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Every Friday on the Big Ten Blog, we'll bring you the best Big Ten-related Tweets of the week.

One of the first sources to break the good news about Danny O'Brien's decision to transfer to Wisconsin was actually O'Brien's future tailback, Montee Ball. Apparently DOB IMed Ball when his decision was made, and the rest was history.

Instant messaging. Bah. Back in my day we used carrier pigeons—for everything! Even dinner table conversations! It was terribly unsanitary.


I couldn't help but laugh at this (tongue-in-cheek) response to O'Brien's decision to head to Wisconsin over Penn State.


In case you've managed to miss it, Michigan DE Jake Ryan tweeted out this picture of Taylor Lewan and fellow Wolverine Graham Glasgow (which sounds like a lazy screenwriter's idea of a Scottish name) on a tandem bicycle. In related news, that bicycle is out for six weeks with a herniated disc.


Speaking of Michigan, Junior Hemingway tweeted this picture of his hometown of Conway, S.C. officially honoring him for his Michigan career.

What have YOU done today to get closer to your hometown mayor and city council officially honoring you, hmmmm? (I put on pants and went outside before noon. We bloggers don't always do that.)


And finally, we can't really screencap this one on account of not wanting to put giant PG-13 swear words on your screen if you're at work, but it's good.

The Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God (AIRBHG) is an actual thing, and even the most stridently anti-superstitious members of society must be able to look at the legions of running backs felled in Iowa City since 2005—including sophomore Jordan Canzeri, who went down with a torn ACL yesterday—and deduce that something terrible is afoot. Calamity befalls them ALL.

It's to the point that a a fake(?) @AIRBHG account tweeted a prediction of a ligament injury for Canzeri...just four months ago. I'm officially scared.