The Best Up-and-Coming Athlete Kids

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IIMarch 30, 2012

The Best Up-and-Coming Athlete Kids

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    For those of you who don't believe in good genes, the following list will likely have you changing your mind.

    We see athletes come and go all the time in sports, but it is especially special when we see their legacy carried on by their children, who possess the talent just like their parent.

    The following athletes are either in college or on the verge of making their way to that level, and they should be exciting to watch as they continue to follow their path to success like their parents had done.

Corey Robinson

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    He won't be the second coming of the Admiral, but David Robinson's son Corey will be attending Notre Dame in 2013.

    Coming out of San Antonio Christian, Robinson is a 6'4" wide receiver who is considered to be a 3-star athlete.

    It will be interesting to see how he does in South Bend, but there are likely no expectations with pops being a basketball star.

Barry Sanders Jr.

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    First there was Barry Sanders, and now, well there is Barry Sanders Jr.

    The son of one of the greatest running backs of all time will be taking his talents to the West coast this fall, as he will be joining the Stanford Cardinal and their quest to capture the Pac-12 title.

    Sanders was ranked the ninth best running back in the country, but he certainly has some big shoes to fill.

    If he can perform anywhere near to what his dad did, the Cardinal will be in a lot of luck (get it?).

Glenn Robinson III

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    Heading to Michigan in 2012, the son of former NBA star Glenn Robinson will take his first step to the NBA with the Wolverines.

    Glenn Robinson III is ranked the eighth best small forward in the country, as well as ranked the 34th best player in the 2012 class.

    The Wolverines basketball program is back on the rise, so they will have to hope that Robinson will help them continue that rise.

Ryan Ripken

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    Considered one of the better first baseman in the country, Cal Ripken Jr.'s son Ryan Ripken will be heading to the University of South Carolina starting in 2012.

    Being the son of the former Iron Man himself, Ripken will have much to live up to. Hopefully, he won't let those distract him, and he will find his own success just like his father did in comparison to his.

    All eyes will be on Ripken this season with the Gamecocks, and if he can impress, then people will definitely be looking at him as a potential future MLB star.

Ray Lewis III

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    Ray Lewis' son isn't a big linebacker like his father, but he will be following in his footsteps as he heads to play for the Miami Hurricanes in 2013.

    Ray Lewis III is an elusive running back out of Lake Mary Preparatory School in Florida, and will hope to continue to bring success to where he resides, as well as fulfilling his father's legacy.

    If he can match his 2,321 yards with 29 touchdowns last season, then the Hurricanes will be happy to welcome yet another Lewis to the Hurricane family.

Marcus Jordan

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    The son of Michael Jordan will be entering his fourth year at the University of Central Florida this next season, and while he has never lived up to his dad's greatness, Marcus Jordan has made a case that he could potentially play at the next level.

    This past season was a step back for him, as he went from 15.2 points per game in 2010-11 to 13.7 this season.

    He will have one more chance to shine for the 2012-13 season, and if he can come out and impress, he could potentially make that leap.

Stefan Matteau

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    Son of former NHL left winger Stephane Matteau, Stefan Matteau is looking like a potential top pick in this year's 2012 NHL draft.

    Matteau currently plays for the United States National Development Program, and will likely be a very coveted skater in the 2012 draft.

    He should have no problem reaching the NHL, but it will remain to be seen how well he will play once he hits the ice in the professional game.

Todd Kelly Jr.

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    While he won't be hitting the field on Saturdays until 2014, Todd Kelly Jr., son of the former San Francisco 49ers linebacker of the same name, is one of biggest future prospects right now.

    Kelly plays safety for Web School in Knoxville, TN. Many consider him a five star recruit, and that will likely stand once he becomes eligible to sign with a school next year.

    His father had a standout career with the Tennessee Volunteers, so perhaps he will decide to follow in those footsteps.

Zach Banner

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    Son of former lineman Lincoln Kennedy, Zach Banner will be joining Lane Kiffin and the USC Trojans in 2012.

    The offensive lineman is ranked the second best at his position in the entire country, as well as being ranked within the top 20 of all incoming recruits for this season.

    Banner didn't make a bad a choice in USC, as he will spend his first year protecting quarterback Matt Barkley in his senior season.

Tim Hardaway Jr.

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    Tim Hardaway Jr. will be entering his junior season at Michigan—unless he decides to head to the NBA Draft that is.

    In all likelihood, he will be sticking around for 2012-13, but people should be excited as he continues to look strong with two years under his belt.

    This past season, he averaged 14.6 points per game, which was an improvement from his 13.9 points a year before.

    Hardaway has ways to go to reach the level of his father, but he is right now walking the right path.

Mario Edwards Jr.

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    Ranked the third best recruit of the entire 2012 college football recruiting class, the son of former NFL cornerback Mario Edwards will be heading to Florida State where his father played as well.

    Mario Edwards Jr. will be playing defensive end for the Seminoles, and will be expected to show immediate success as he was ranked the best in his position within his entire class.

    Edwards is a big man at 6'4" and 275 lbs, and he won't go unnoticed in 2012 and beyond.

Kyle Kalis

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    Michigan offensive tackle Kyle Kalis will be looking to follow his father Todd Kalis' footsteps into the NFL as he gets his college career underway this season with the Wolverines.

    Kalis is the fourth ranked player at his position coming into this recruiting class, as well as being ranked No. 22 amongst all recruits.

    The Wolverines will hope he will play like they hope, as the 6'5", 302-lbs lineman will certainly a challenge for all their Big Ten opponents in 2012.

Griffin Reinhart

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    Griffin Reinhart is just 18 years old, but the defenceman is looking like a potential hockey star of the future.

    His farther was Paul Reinhart, who played in the NHL for 11 years.

    Reinhart is a beast of a man, standing at a ridiculous 6'4" while weighing just 202 lbs. He has been playing for the Edmonton Oil Kings as a junior hockey player.

    It will remain to be seen how he will finish the year, and in respect of where that will have him land in the 2012 NHL draft.

Austin Rivers

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    Love him or hate him, Doc Rivers' son Austin Rivers is heading to the NBA after one season with the Duke Blue Devils, and he has a chance to become an elite guard.

    He is still extremely raw, but he did show signs of greatness at certain points this past season, but never was he consistent enough to be a star each game.

    He probably should have stayed longer than his freshman year, but either way he was going to get drafted and some point sooner or later.

    Rivers averaged 15.4 points per game this past season, including a 19-point game against Lehigh in the team's first round loss of the 2012 NCAA tournament.

Kacy Clemens

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    You can call him the mini rocket, as Kacy Clemens, son of New York Yankees great Roger Clemens, looks like he could be a stud once he finally reaches the big leagues.

    There is no telling what position Clemens would take on once he leaves the high school game, but many would expect him to follow in the steps of his father as a pitcher.

    If Clemens can continue to develop and excel over the next few years, there is no telling if he could be the second coming of the Clemens in the MLB.