7 Craziest Wild-Card Personalities in the NBA

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7 Craziest Wild-Card Personalities in the NBA
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In every sport, we come across some of the most interesting personalities and characters.

The MLB has guys like Ozzie Guillen and Manny Ramirez, the NFL has the likes of Jared Allen and the NHL has the likes of Sean Avery. We always seem to come across these wild-card personalities in sports. Since it's not the type of job where you can lose your job if you're completely out of line, you get to experience real people in a real environment.

The NBA seems to have the most players where personalities are prevalent and outlandish. There are so many players who we could think of that are either hilarious, egotistical or just flat-out rude. We seem to be more personal with NBA players because of how much we see them.

They don't wear any helmets, so we know what they all look like and notice all their facial expressions. They're personal with the officials, their coaching staff and the organization entirely. They play in 82 games and are interviewed after every game, before games, during practices and in the offseason.

We take a look at seven players who have wild-card personalities. By wild card, we mean players that could act one or another at any point during a contest. They have an extraordinary emotional frequency and could be on other side of the spectrum.

These players all wear their hearts on their sleeves, but each one utilizes their emotions in different ways.

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