Dale Earnhardt Jr: Does He Need to Win a Championship in 2009?

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IJanuary 18, 2009

It would be safe to say that every advantage has been given to Dale Earnhardt jr in 2008. The best cars in NASCAR, one of the best teams and an unlimited budget.
NASCAR's most popular driver and if I may say so, the nicest and most likable driver in the series, has to feel the pressure, he most feel he has win a championship in 2009.

It obvious to many fans that getting to seven championships like his father is not going to happen. Most of the JR nation is just looking for one championship at this point.

The 2009 season has to be a defining season for Dale Earnhardt jr career. He needs to win this year's championship, agree?

The Hendrick organization has put all their resources at his feet, they know what a powerful marketing tool he is, having Dale on your team is like having Tiger Woods in a tournament, they will come like zombies to watch.

Dale Earnhardt jr has had his honeymoon with Hendricks motor sports in 2008, now is time to win and earn the love from his employer and some of the fans who feel he is overrated. He must win.

I personally will be  pulling for him this year (even though he is not my favorite driver), I think it would be a wonderful thing for him and his family and a great boast for NASCAR in these tough economic times if he could win a championship in 2009.