Al Davis Will Make The Right Choice This Time

HAROLD SMALLSContributor IJanuary 18, 2009

I personally feel that bringing back both to the fold is a good idea.  All three people involved know each other well and understand what's expected. 

Over the past few years, I've come to realize that when trying to figure out the Raider's intention, one has to read between the lines.  If you look back at the promotion of Tom Cable to Interim Head Coach, Al Davis didn't know much if any about him and what he could for the team. 

Although he did a good job in the last two games, especially beating Tampa, Davis looks for offensive minded coaches for head coaches. This is why it will be Gruden and Allen back in Oakland.  I also found Gruden's wording of his time in Oakland and his relationship with Al Davis very peculiar. 

I believe that Gruden and Allen know beforehand if they were not able to make the playoffs, they would be fired.  None of the two never bad mouthed the Raiders or Al for that matter which made his comments all the more interesting.  For those that follow the Raiders, we know that things have not been good since they departed. 

I have said on more than one occassion, that Gruden would have won a Super Bowl ring regardless if he stayed in Oakland or Tampa back in 2003.  He won a ring in Tampa at the expense of Tony Dungy.  Gruden was never able to live up to his potential in Tampa because it was not his doing or hard work that made Tampa the team they once were.  It was Dungy's work that made Tampa what they were. 

If Gruden had stayed in Oakland, he would have had longterm success because it was his philosophy that built the team.  Now they have an opportunity to finish what they started.  For some this may be a reach, but I think it's something that can happen.  Don't think for a moment that Davis is not considering it. 

Don't be surprised to see information being leaked out from an anonymous league source that Al is considering bringing Allen in first and low and behold, the rumors of Gruden start to surface.  Then you will get a statement from Amy Trask denying it.  A week or so will go by and then it becomes legitimate that Gruden is the front runner and will be named head coach. 

Cable did a great job under the circumstances but I feel that he is more comfortable coaching the offensive line.  He knows that position and we need him in that capacity to build and improve the line. 

If I am wrong, I'd be the first to admit it but I think this is something that needs to happen in order to get the Raiders back to winning games and making the playoffs.