WrestleMania 28 Predictions: 4 Title Matches, Rock/Cena, Hell in a Cell and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IApril 1, 2012

WrestleMania 28 Predictions: 4 Title Matches, Rock/Cena, Hell in a Cell and More

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    28 years ago, WrestleMania was created. It has seen some of the biggest matches in history and has immortalized many wrestlers.

    The event has cemented the likes of Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, the Rock, Steve Austin and the Undertaker into professional wrestling history forever.

    Tonight is the 28th edition of WrestleMania and the card is looking great!

    Last year’s event was a major dud and was an overall train wreck, but WWE seems to be making up for that this year.

    Whether it’s a battle for “Best in the World,” Hell in a Cell or the Rock’s wrestling return to the event, tonight should be something special.

    WWE has scheduled nine matches for the big event, one being on the pre-show, and the majority of them are sure to make this show worth every penny.

    Here are the matches and who I think will come out on top!

Primo and Epico vs. the Usos vs. Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd: Tag Team Titles

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    Here we have the pre-show match that will be broadcast live on WWE.com as well as WWE's YouTube page before WrestleMania's official start time of 7pm E.T.

    Primo and Epico won the Tag Team Championship in January by defeating Air Boom. Since then, they appeared occasionally on both Raw and SmackDown facing Santino Marella and a random partner as well as the Usos.

    After a title defense against the Usos and the new team of Kofi Kingston and R-Truth on the last Raw of February, they were completely dismantled by Kane.

    They disappeared for a bit until resurfacing a few weeks ago. They were once again destroyed, this time by the Big Show.

    The Usos have been around for a few years now and despite having multiple shots at tag team gold, they have never been able to capture the belts.

    As for the new team of Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd, they formed this past Thursday on Superstars after a match against one another. I guess being a team for one day constitutes a shot at the titles.

    WWE's tag-team division is in shambles, to say the least. It's because of that I wouldn't doubt seeing WWE put the belts on Gabriel and Kidd right away.

    The Usos have been waiting in line for their time with the belts, though to be honest, there is no line, so I would like to think that the belts will go to them.

    With their relative, the late Yokozuna, going into the Hall of Fame this year, I think that may cement a Tag Team Championship win here.



    Winners and New Champions: The Usos

Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve

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    Here we have the typical multi-Diva match for WrestleMania. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up being a lumberjill match.

    Most hoped for Beth Phoenix to defend her title against Kharma, Natalya, Layla or even Madusa, but this is what we have.

    The only Diva in this match actually involved in some sort of storyline is Eve. Her heel turn was a bit unexpected and it has gotten her more television time then the Divas champion.

    Kelly Kelly has been out of the Diva spotlight for the most part since losing the title, but she’s really the only face Diva to get any kind of reaction, so she got the match.

    Then there’s Beth Phoenix who has taken a backseat to Eve’s heel turn despite being the champion.

    And then there’s Maria Menounos.

    As you could probably tell there’s not much enthusiasm on my part here. I frankly don’t care about this match.

    If this was a Divas Championship match then I’d actually be looking forward to it, no matter who Beth’s opponent was.

    Unfortunately, this title has never been defended at WrestleMania and the last time a women’s title was defended at all was five years ago at WrestleMania 23 when the Women’s Championship was still active.

    A celebrity winning a match at WrestleMania will bring in media attention so this match will go to the face team.



    Winners: Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos

Randy Orton vs. Kane

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    What happens when two top stars have nothing to do for WrestleMania? If you guessed “throw them together in a match,” then you are correct!

    Kane returned to the WWE with a vengeance in December and targeted John Cena. He wanted the face of the WWE to embrace hate but Cena rose above it and defeated the Big Red Monster at the Elimination Chamber.

    One week later Kane appeared on Raw to dismantle three teams without explanation. By the end of the week, he was on SmackDown targeting Randy Orton.

    The Apex Predator didn’t go down without a fight, though.

    The following week, Orton got his revenge on both Raw and SmackDown. The Viper struck and delivered an RKO to Kane twice in one week.

    Curious as to why Kane had his sights set on him, Orton asked him why. Kane responded with a video from July of Orton defeating him.

    It wasn’t the loss that put Kane over the edge; it was the fact that he shook Orton’s hand afterwards. That sickened Kane as that made him human.

    His humanity was gone now but he still needed to take out Randy Orton. Orton wanted to do it there, but Kane wanted to destroy him at WrestleMania.

    Since then the two haven’t had much interaction until this past Monday on Raw when they faced off in tag-team action alongside Sheamus and Daniel Bryan.

    The heels picked up the victory giving Kane the momentum going into this match.

    While I don’t like that this feud was just thrown together for the sake of giving these two something to do for WrestleMania, I actually think this will be a good match.

    Orton rarely disappoints in the ring while Kane can still perform very well.

    I went back and watched the match from July and it was quite good. Imagine what they could do on the big stage if given the time?

    As for the winner, I just don’t see Kane winning this. Orton has been out of the title picture for a while now; a win here will certainly put him right back in the hunt.



    Winner: Randy Orton

Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny: Winning General Manager Runs Both Shows

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    Santino Marella, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, the Great Khali and Booker T vs. David Otunga, Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, the Miz and Drew McIntyre

    The war for power officially began at the Elimination Chamber when John Laurinaitis declared that there should be just one general manager.

    He and Teddy Long would begin to argue constantly about how the other’s show should be run and it started to interfere with matches.

    The WWE Board of Directors finally had enough and booked a match where the winning team would get their general manager sole power of both Raw and SmackDown.

    As the weeks passed, each general manager would begin to fill out their team with the final members being chosen this past Monday on Raw.

    Christian was originally a member of Team Johnny but due to an attack by CM Punk, he was replaced by Drew McIntyre.

    Since this match apparently will not be elimination style, this may end up being a comedic mess. I expect that this match will be so filled with comedic moments that it’ll be a train wreck, but it will be quite entertaining.

    As for the winner, I’d like to see Team Teddy get the win here, but I don’t think it’ll happen.

    A heel general manager will create more intriguing television than a face would in the role.

    No matter the winner, though, I don’t think they’ll be in charge of both shows for long. Something will happen that will get the loser in charge for a bit, but then he’ll end up being replaced as well.

    By the end of the year, I think Raw and SmackDown will have separate general managers again, though not necessarily John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long.



    Winners: Team Johnny

Cody Rhodes vs. the Big Show: WWE Intercontinental Championship

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    I still can’t believe that the Intercontinental Championship is actually on the line at WrestleMania this year! The last time it was on the line was WrestleMania 25 in a 21-second match.

    The last time it was on the line in an actual match? That would be 10 years ago at ‘Mania X8 when Rob Van Dam defeated William Regal to win the title.

    This match came about when the Big Show eliminated Cody Rhodes at the Royal Rumble, ending the champion’s 42-minute stint in the ring.

    Rhodes got his revenge a month later, though, when he pinned the Big Show inside the SmackDown elimination chamber match.

    The two didn’t stop there as the World’s Largest Athlete eliminated Rhodes from a number one contender’s battle royal. If he couldn’t win the match then he was going to make sure Big Show couldn’t either, so Rhodes helped Chris Jericho eliminate him.

    The champion then took it a step further when he began to remind the WWE Universe of the Big Show’s many embarrassing WrestleMania moments calling him a choke artist.

    Despite this match being made, Rhodes didn’t stop and also started to use hit and run tactics on his bigger opponent.

    The momentum is completely in the corner of Cody Rhodes and that momentum will lead him to victory.

    Rhodes has been champion for 200-plus days and has been the best champion the title has seen in years. I just don’t see WWE taking the title off of him just yet.

    They could give it to the Big Show, which would make him a Grand Slam Champion, but this win really wouldn’t benefit him like it would Rhodes.

    This will be a good match, one of the best in recent memory for the Big Show, but Rhodes will retain.

    Winner and Still Champion: Cody Rhodes

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus: World Heavyweight Championship

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    When Sheamus won the Royal Rumble, most people expected him to challenge Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship since CM Punk/Chris Jericho was all but a lock.

    The Celtic Warrior made us wait for his decision, though.

    At the Elimination Chamber, Sheamus went directly for Bryan, executing his finisher and officially choosing the world title for WrestleMania.

    Since then, the two superstars have had a war of words while also competing against each other in tag-team action.

    The interaction wouldn’t stop there, though, as Bryan tended to scout Sheamus during the Celtic Warrior’s matches.

    Whether he was up in the sky box or right at ringside, the world champion watched his future opponent carefully. On one occasion he even cost him a match, drop kicking him on the outside causing him to get counted out.

    Bryan has been using one main strategy since the match was made: hiding behind his much smaller girlfriend A.J.

    He’s been doing it since winning the title, putting her in harm’s way almost every match.

    Expect her to get involved somehow during this match and possibly cause the outcome.

    This feud has been about even with both going back-and-forth on the mic and one attacking the other one week and the other getting revenge the following week.

    It wasn’t until this past Monday on Raw, though, that the momentum finally shifted. When Bryan pinned Sheamus after A.J. saved him from a Brogue Kick in a tag team match the momentum went into his corner.

    Will that give the champion the advantage come the match? I don’t think so.

    This feud has been so even throughout that this match will be just as much.

    Despite his tactics, Daniel Bryan has been a dominate champion. He has taken down the likes of the Big Show, Mark Henry and Randy Orton since becoming champion and there may be no stopping him.

    Sheamus has been dominate in his own right, destroying anyone who got in his way since being drafted to SmackDown last year.

    This will be a great match and very well could steal the show. Everyone is expecting Punk/Jericho to be the match of the night, including myself, but I think this match will surprise us.

    Who do I think will win? Well, there seems to be a curse on Royal Rumble winners the past four years.

    Rumble winners John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge and Alberto Del Rio have all lost at the past four WrestleMania’s and that trend could continue here with Sheamus.

    I think this curse will be broken, though, and it will be Sheamus that shatters it!



    Winner and New Champion: Sheamus

The Undertaker vs. Triple H: Hell in a Cell w/ Shawn Michaels as Referee

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    At last year’s WrestleMania, the fans saw something they thought they’d never see: they saw the Undertaker being carted out of his event while his opponent, Triple H, walked out on his own power.

    Despite the streak staying intact, the Undertaker was defeated at WrestleMania. Triple H took him to the limit like no has before and took out the Deadman.

    The Undertaker would disappear for almost a year after that, finally reappearing after January’s Royal Rumble.

    He made his intentions clear right away as he wanted Triple H one more time on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

    The Game initially declined the match stating he would have to kill the Deadman to beat him, which he didn’t want to do.

    After some insults from Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker telling Triple H that HBK was better than he was, the Cerebral Assassin agreed to the match.

    He had one condition, though. If they had to go at it one more time, then the era that still lived because of them needed to end and it needed to end inside Hell in a Cell.

    Since then the feud has been all talk. Shawn Michaels was revealed as the special referee and has teased screwing the Undertaker, stating that he could still be the man to end the streak.

    At the same time, Triple H doesn’t seem to want Michaels’ help. With the words “Shawn’s better than you” in the back of his mind, Triple H will want to do this alone.

    If HBK helps him win, then that’ll prove nothing in terms of whose better. If the Game can defeat the Deadman with zero help, then it’ll prove to Triple H that he’s better than his best friend.

    Expect Shawn Michaels to get involved more than he already is as referee. I think he’ll end up getting a Pedigree, or even a Tombstone, thus taking him out of the final minutes of the match.

    This will be intense and very physical. I’m also hoping for a little bit of blood but I will not hold my breath.

    WrestleMania has become the Undertaker’s event and there is no way he will not be going 20-0.



    Winner: The Undertaker

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho: WWE Championship

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    When CM Punk started to call himself the “best in the world” during the summer, many people hoped that it was an indication that Chris Jericho would return to feud with Punk.

    It took a couple of months, but Y2J did indeed return to the WWE on the first Monday Night Raw of 2012.

    He was at first silent, mostly running around the ring celebrating like an idiot. When he finally did speak up, he indicated that he was going to win the Royal Rumble.

    While he did make it to the final two, Jericho was eliminated by Sheamus.

    Jericho finally made his intentions clear the next night on Raw when he delivered a Codebreaker to CM Punk. Jericho declared that Punk was a Y2J wannabe and that he wasn’t the best in the world as he claimed.

    Jericho was the best in the world and that’s all there was to it.

    The two have been going back-and-forth on the mic for weeks while also going at it in tag team action, but the feud stayed about even until a few weeks ago.

    For the final three weeks leading to the event, Jericho has been revealing secrets of the Punk family.

    Punk’s father was an alcoholic and his sister has problems with substance abuse. It was his family history with drugs and alcohol that puts a demon inside of Punk.

    It was only a matter of time before he took a drink.

    This past Monday Jericho revealed that his mother was fine but did give birth to him the day before his parents’ marriage making him a bastard.

    Punk was finally sent over the edge and dismantled his opponent Christian enough so that Captain Charisma had to pull out of WrestleMania.

    The feud had kind of hit a stalemate and needed something to pick it right back up.

    Jericho’s words about Punk’s family are exactly what this feud needed as it adds some much needed emotion to the match.

    The battle for “Best in the World” will be a great one. While I think Daniel Bryan/Sheamus will give this match a run for its money, this will be the match of the night.

    Both Punk and Jericho will prove to the fans that both of them are the best in the world.

    As for the winner, it’s hard to say. While I would like to see Chris Jericho win the title one more time, CM Punk is the roll of a lifetime and has been the best WWE champion the company has seen in a while.

    I really can’t decide on who’s going to win this match as I think it could go either way.

    I’m giving it to CM Punk, though. Overall, I think he’s the safest bet to win the match.



    Winner and Still Champion: CM Punk

The Rock vs. John Cena

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    After a year of waiting the “biggest match in WrestleMania history” is finally upon us.

    This match was officially set up the day after WrestleMania XXVII and received minimal hype due to the Rock only being able to make the occasional appearance.

    While John Cena feuded with whomever, he concentrated on that while making passing remarks about the Rock.

    Unless the People’s Champion was there, the feud was mostly advanced through Twitter as both superstars would exchange insults.

    A week after the Elimination Chamber PPV, the Rock began to appear every week on Monday Night Raw.

    Both he and Cena would exchange heated words throughout the month of March with the momentum shifting more and more if favor of Cena.

    The face of the WWE had the Rock beat two weeks in a row but the People’s Champion answered right back.

    For two straight weeks, the Rock owned Cena putting him ahead in this feud.

    This week was their final encounter before the big match. While most people hoped that one of them would finally throw a punch, including myself, I’m actually glad they didn’t.

    Both were equally as great on the mic this past Monday and I felt that it put the feud at a stalemate.

    While the Rock will undoubtedly be the favorite in Miami, both have an equal amount of momentum on their side.

    As for the winner, I see it this way: at WrestleMania X8 the face of the WWE at the time, the Rock, battled the former face of the company Hulk Hogan.

    The Hulkster passed the torch to the Rock that night and now, 10 years later, the Rock will be passing that torch to John Cena.



    Winner: John Cena