NBA Western Conference: Don't Buy the Hype

James HudsonContributor IFebruary 27, 2008

Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Dwight Howard—so much of professional basketball nowadays is based on the single player.

No one ever looks at it like they once did in the 80s and before that. You don't hear people on the street saying, "Man, the Lakers are an overall great team," or "That was a great game between two stellar performing teams." It's always, "How many points did Kobe have?" or "Did you see LeBron's crossover?" 

I'll admit that I do the same stuff but I really just enjoy watching two TEAMS go at each other and try to win a basketball game. That's why I love watching old NBA tapes that just have those great teams such as the Pistons v Celtics games or the battle of Texas (although it was a new rivalry that did not always happen every year).

But the past is not why I write this article. I'd like to tell you about the NBA today and which conference is better. Many would argue that the Western Conference is far better than the East but I disagree that they are a whole lot better.

To say that it's not even close is just ignorant.

A good example of the superiority being nonexistent is this past weekend and week so far. The Pistons beat the Suns by 30 after the Suns only beat the struggling Celtics who played an AWFUL game by 7 or 8 points. The Hornets lost to the Wizards who are 27-29.

I mean I am a Eastern Conference fan and know that the Western Conference is better but to call them superior is ridiculous. Just don't say stuff that does not make sense.