Kevin Durant Lets Us in on the New Oklahoma City Hotspot: The Apple Store

Holly MacKenzieNBA Lead BloggerMarch 29, 2012

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Kevin Durant stopped by the Jimmy Kimmel show last night to talk, well, everything but basketball.

The Thunder take on the Lakers in Los Angeles this evening, but last night, the main topic of conversation was flag football with LeBron, Durant's "Scooby-Doo van," his backpack and what there is to do in Oklahoma City.

One thing: While most of you Americans seem to say backpack, my Canadian self has always called it a "bookbag," and I was pleasantly surprised when Durant took to Twitter using the term during the playoffs last season.

The best part of this interview (besides watching how comfortable Durant now looks hanging in the spotlight off of the basketball floor), was when Kimmel asked about hanging out in Oklahoma City.

First, Durant says he likes the city because the people are nice and he can do whatever he wants. Then he says at 6'9", he can't really hide. Right. Makes sense. So, what do 23-year-olds do for fun in Oklahoma City? Besides going to the movies, Durant says the hot spot is the Apple store and that he spends a lot of time there.

I come from a very small town in Nova Scotia, Canada. The town got sidewalks for the first time…last year. They had a party to celebrate, complete with "Hurray for sidewalks" cakes. We don't have an Apple Store in my hometown. I'm down with small-town living. I get it. And yet, I cannot for the life of me imagine the life of an NBAer hanging out in Oklahoma City. It's got to be amazing. Apple store, movies, Bricktown. Sweet people, small city, college town atmosphere and NBA giants. Awesome.

Forget about Basketball Wives. We need a reality show about NBA players living in OKC.