Is Toskala's Future With the Leafs Up to the Fate of the Trade Deadline?

Sean HanleyContributor IJanuary 18, 2009

I'd have to agree with Mark Rosal, as he did a great job talking about Vesa Toskala's future very accurately. Toskala has been horrible since he became a Leaf. In my opinion, he is not good enough to be a N.1 goalie for any team. He'd be an adequate backup, however, I'm used to seeing great goalies goaltending for the Leafs, like Felix Potvin, Curtis Joseph, and Eddie Belfour.

After Belfour, they've had a series of backup goaltenders take on the N. 1 goalie position. First it was Andrew Raycroft and now Toskala.  Giving the N.1 start to the likes of these faces is like giving the wheel to a blind man, It's bad bad news

Cujo is 41 years old and it's probably his last year in the NHL, but I feel he should be getting a lot more starts than he is receiving now.  Cujo has proved to the NHL throughout his career that he's a great netminder.  Toskala on the other hand hasn't proven anything yet. 

Rosal said it's hard to sit out a month and then expect a goalie to play a great game when you finally give him a chance.  Cujo hasn't played as bad as Toskala has played, as he doesn't give up weak goals every game like Toskala does.

The game where Wilson played Toskala for all three periods and overtime; then brought in Cujo for the shootout, that's just not fare on Cujo. They were playing him cold. 

I feel as long as Toskala is wearing the blue and white jersey, Toronto will not make the playoffs. I hope I am wrong because I love the Leafs and always will, but I do feel it's time to say Good Riddance to Toskala (Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya).

What's your opinion, yes or no, will Toskala be traded at the trade deadline and why?