John Cena vs. the Rock: Why People's Champ Must Win at WrestleMania 28

Michael CahillCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2012

The Rock’s comeback to the WWE isn’t supposed to be a one-shot deal. Maybe at one point it was, but it’s clear that the Brahma Bull is extending his run with the WWE, albeit in a limited capacity. And you can bet one thing is certain: whether a one-off or an extended showing in WWE, The Rock didn’t come back to lose. 

You have to believe there are several factors at play when decided how the match of the century will play out to the masses. 

The Rock has been absent for much of the last decade. He’s clearly more of a visitor (despite what he helped build), and his storyline is that he’s come back to beat Cena. What hope does the extended program have if the visitor loses his first shot back? Takes the wind out of their sails, doesn’t it? 

The Rock beating Cena makes programming more interesting. Cena, who is always booked to look strong, might have to struggle with having lost the biggest match of all time. He’ll still be the top guy in the company, though. If the Rock loses, does it feel the same when he asks for another match? I think it feels defeated, and the WWE knows that. 

My prediction: they give Rock the win at WrestleMania 28 and Cena gets his revenge next year or at SummerSlam. 

Let’s also keep in mind, and this is just a side thought, the Rock has interests that lie outside of the WWE now. His interest is his public persona and furthering his own personal brand. Part of that brand is playing “Roadblock” in the next G.I Joe movie. As an action hero, you’d hate to be the guy that just lost the biggest match of the century.

The Rock stated on Raw that he wants to be considered the greatest WWE Superstar of all time. It’s sexier to sell a summer blockbuster as “The Greatest WWE Superstar of All Time” rather than “The Guy Who Almost Beat John Cena.” 

I know, it’s not the narrative anyone wants to think about, but the Rock and Cena are part of a business, and that comes with strings attached and that could include The Rock needing to win at Mania. It just doesn’t seem entirely plausible that The People’s Champ came back to get Cena over.