I'll Sit the Bench for that Kinda Money!

MikeContributor IJanuary 17, 2009

The way the baseball world is going why don't they take normal people like me that can play to a point and let us travel with the team for a year..maybe even take a few hacks at the plate and give us the major league minimum (about the same as three to five years of our normal salary).

I've never been unemployed, so I'm not a dead beat or nothing but damn...I've never made more than $45k in a year busting my but to make ends meet for my family, I'd love to sit on a major league bench and only play a game or an inning when they told me to every now and then for three times what I make now...just give me one year of that and I'll go back to my normal job with a great bank account to keep me outta debt.

This could work great for the small market teams especially, they're going to pay someone to sit the bench anyways...might as well help out us "normal" people who'll end up buying tickets to go to your games (since we now have a few extra buck and an afford it).