Henrik Lundqvist Vs. Mike Richter

John HartContributor IJanuary 17, 2009

So which of these two goalies is the best in New York Rangers history?

Before i begin, i must show Giacomin some respect, because i believe he is the third best in Rangers history, he was still a great one.

I will now begin comparing Richter to King Henrik. Richter is responsible for one of the greatest championships New York has ever seen. In his 13 seasons with the Rangers, Richter had 301 wins in 666 games played. He had 24 shutouts in his career along with a 2.89 GAA and a .904 save percentage.

New Yorkers especially have a love for him because he is American born, something fans have always had a soft spot for.

The one thing he has over the King is the fact that he won a championship that ended a 54 year drought that stained Rangers fans for years, especially after a New York Islander dynasty.

So what is our infatuation with Henrik? Well, he is the first legit goalie since Richter so give success at the goalie position. We went through many interesting phases like Dunham and Weeks. New York loves their goalies, especially ones who appear and will break almost every Rangers goalie record ever.

The biggest difference though is that Richter won us a championship and gave us some of the best memories as a Rangers fan. Who can forget the save against Bure on the penalty shot in the 1994 Cup finals, or the way he kept them in game seven in the same series? The King is great, but Richter's the one with his number hanging from the rafters at MSG.