Ranking the NBA's Worst Mascots

Garrett Jochnau@@GarrettJochnauCorrespondent IIMarch 29, 2012

Ranking the NBA's Worst Mascots

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    Whether or not you have attended a professional athletic event, there is one statement that every sports fan in the world should agree with: Mascots are incredible.

    While many NCAA teams have famous mascots whose names are known and loved throughout the campus, there is no better place to find an incredible mascot than on the NBA hardwood.

    No matter how terrible the team is, the mascot will stick with them until the final buzzer sounds, dancing and getting the crowd involved all the while.

    While every mascot holds a special place in the fans' hearts, it is irrefutable that some mascots should hang up the suit.

10. Sly the Fox, New Jersey Nets

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    The Nets were doomed to be on this list the moment they picked their team name. Any mascot other than a giant net running around would have been completely unrelated to their franchise.

    However, picking Sly did not help their case. He is the most unoriginal mascot in the world. With a common appearance and a boring name, Sly was a simple mascot and nothing more.

    Hopefully when the team makes their move to Brooklyn, they add some spice to Sly's life. 

9. The Coyote, San Antonio Spurs

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    As a Spurs fan, I found it incredibly difficult to put the Coyote on the list. He is a legend, like the team for which he cheers. His popularity earned him a spot in the Mascot Hall of Fame.

    Still, every time I stare into those oversized green eyes, a chill runs down my spine. He appears normal from the feet to the nose, but from there on up, the Coyote will make little children have nightmares. 

    If he wasn't so perfect in every other category, then the Coyote may very well have found his name on the top of this list, but with such a horrific appearance, he definitely deserves a spot on this list.

8. Slamson, Sacramento Kings

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    The Kings were clever when picking the King of the Jungle as their mascot. Unfortunately, it had to be Slamson, who in no way resembles a real lion.

    His mouth looks out of place, and the rest of his body is not intimidating. With a big man like DeMarcus Cousins commanding the paint, you would expect that the rest of team would be intimidating, but Slamson looks like a plush toy.

    Even worse, while other mascots are performing cool dunks, Slamson's routine, though original, is just a complete fail.

7. Rufus Lynx, Charlotte Bobcats

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    Any list featuring the word "worst" is going to feature the Charlotte Bobcats—it's an unwritten rule. This one no different. With Rufus, the team tried to make their mascot look cool.

    While his head, face and glasses may be original, the rest of his body looks more like a man than it does an animal. The legs and arms are skinny, and overall, Rufus is just not a great mascot.

    If nothing else, this video says it all.

6. Clutch the Bear, Houston Rockets

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    For a team that once featured the tallest player in the league, you'd think that the organization would have tried to make another aspect somewhat intimidating.

    This was clearly not the case for Clutch the Bear. While he is cute and appealing to small children, he seems completely out of place dancing around on the Rockets sideline.

    Not only does he not relate to the team's name in any way, but the gray bear looks like he belongs in a children's television show, not a basketball court.

5. Burnie, Miami Heat

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    Burnie is, in every way, different from Sly the Fox. He is a giant flame—the logo for the Miami Heat. While it may be hard to pull this off, the Heat actually got most of this right.

    His nose, however, is a completely different story. With a basketball sitting in the center of his face, Burnie is certainly an original mascot, just not a great one. He is far from being the worst, but with a team as talented as the Miami Heat, you'd think the mascot could have been slightly more intimidating. 

    His antics aren't even as cool as others. While others are flying high and dunking, Burnie has a slight issue with jumping.

4. Lucky the Leprechaun, Boston Celtics

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    The Celtics name, color scheme and logo are entirely unique. With a name like "Celtics," the mascot had so much potential.

    However, the team ultimately decided to represent their franchise with a man.

    A man. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Other than his shamrock vest and hat, there is ultimately nothing unique about the Celtics mascot.

    Lucky the Leprechaun could have been any other fan in the stadium with his boring, standard appearance. His outfit wasn't even made into anything special—just green with gold shamrocks. At least the team incorporated their theme into the mascot, which is more than I can say about other franchises.

3. Hip Hop, Philadelphia 76ers

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    Hip Hop performed some pretty cool dunks off the trampoline, but other than a few of his stunts, he had absolutely nothing going for him.

    His costume was a skin-tight silver suit, with a rabbit head, glasses and a bandanna. The body itself looks completely out of place, because unlike the other NBA mascots, Hip Hop's body resembles that of a man.

    His accessories also seem very out of place. The shades, bandanna and crooked smile do not look like the belong in the City of Brotherly Love.

    Even the team realized how awful Hip Hop is; they have begun looking for a replacement.

2. G-Wiz, Washington Wizards

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    The Wizards are one of those teams who need all of the help they can get—off of the court. Unfortunately, their mascot situation is no better than the team itself.

    First off, what is G-Wiz? He appears to be a blue relative of the Philly Phanatic, yet is not quite as popular among the fans.

    The Wizard hat does not make the image any better. While it may relate to the team's moniker, put together, the entire costume looks out of place. A better setting for G-Wiz would be on Sesame Street with Big Bird, but the Verizon Center is just not a suitable home for him.

1. Stuff the Magic Dragon, Orlando Magic

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    In Orlando, you have the absolute biggest disaster any franchise has seen in a mascot. Not only does Stuff not relate to the team's nickname, but he just looks like a complete mess.

    The pink wings, yellow horns and blue hair just do not go with the green fur. The team even had trouble giving him a reasonable name. They ended up giving him the name that related to him most: Stuff.

    The Orlando Magic's mascot is really nothing more than a pile of stuff put together to form a dragon. If I were Dwight Howard, I'd leave Orlando in a heartbeat just to get away from that thing.