Sox Brass Meeting With Tek

MikeContributor IJanuary 17, 2009

Rumor has it is the Red Sox higher-ups are meeting with Varitek this weekend,the way I see it is no team is giving up a draft pick for him and the Sox want him(and he wants to stay there)I see a reasonable but possibly incentive laden offer that Tek would be right out stupid to refuse and if he's that hard up for the money...RETIRE!!!!!!

I'll be the first to say Varitek has been THE MVP for the Sox for the past 5 years,besides last year he's been an All Star caliber offense and defense catcher but....more importantly he made the Sox Tops in baseball as far as pitching goes...sure the pitching quality is there but,probably the best young pitcher in the league(Jon Lester) wouldn't be what he is without TEK.