Five Most Overrated College Basketball Coaches

ctsports picksAnalyst IJanuary 17, 2009

Using the coaches' matchup is one of Craig's secret handicapping tools. There are certain coaches that just seem to get there team up to play no matter what the competition or the talent on their team. On the other hand there are others that have a ton of talent and just don't get the results per their talent. Lets take a look at Craig's top five overrated coaches in college basketball.

  1. Roy Williams—In the 90's and 00's, he might have had the most NBA players in the league and only one championship. Also a ton of early losses in the NCAA tournament. This years UNC team is favored to win it all, lets see if he can live down this title as the most overrated coach.
  2. Gary Williams—One championship in all his years coaching. Also while at OSU, he had several rules violations for improper recruiting. Since the one championship, they have really struggled competing with the top tier of his conference.
  3. Steve Alford—His playing career helped him get into a better coaching position than he earned. Iowa was ready to fire him before he took a demotion in going to New Mexico.
  4. Tommy Amaker—From the head coach at Michigan to the head coach at Harvard, his career is going into the dumper. Playing career and Coach K assistant helped him get his start.
  5. Pat Knight—Can't coach and has zero experience, lucky his dad gave him the job. Don't look for him to last long at Texas Tech.

As a handicapper a lot of the games comes down to a one or two point game for covering the spread. If you follow the best coaches they will turn around a close loss to a win and out coach there counter parts. On the other hand these five listed above just don't get it done when it matters.

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