10 Ways You Know You're a Sun Devils Fan

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IIMarch 29, 2012

10 Ways You Know You're a Sun Devils Fan

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    Are you a fan of the Arizona State Sun Devils football team?

    If you are, I bet you have an idea of what it means to cheer for Tempe's finest.

    Even when things get rough, the Sun Devil faithful are always alive. They love their team, even when it reaches 200 degrees outside.

    Here are 10 signs that prove you are a real Sun Devil fan.

1. You Have Waited over 2 Hours to Get into Sun Devil Stadium

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    This is for those past, present and future students out there.

    It isn't exactly the easiest task in the world getting into Sun Devil Stadium to watch a Sun Devils game, as the line is typically extremely long—especially for big-time games.

    It is a rush to get into the lower section of the student seating, and even when you can't get that, you still love watching things from the nosebleeds.

2. You Love Jerry Maguire

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    Not many times do you have a movie where the star athlete is from Arizona State, but thankfully, director Cameron Crowe finally made it happen with his 1996 film Jerry Maguire.

    There have been plenty of famous Sun Devils over the years, but Rod Tidwell is a name that many will always remember.

    Who could ever forget the famous line, "I'm a Sun Devil, Jerry!"

    While the story is fake, it is still nice to see a film based on a Sun Devil find his dreams come true in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals at Sun Devil Stadium.

3. You Claim Sun Devil Stadium Is the Most Awesome Stadium in the World

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    Not going to lie, Sun Devil Stadium is awesome.

    The thing is built between two mountains!

    Nonetheless, fans of the team will always bolster about how cool the design is—which it is—but anyone outside of the fandom will not see any significance.

    Still, it is quite a nice view from an aerial view.

4. You Are Now Stuck Between Black, Maroon and Gold

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    Before the 2011 season, it was pretty easy to pick what to wear when you were on your way to a Sun Devils game.

    Either maroon or gold. That simple.

    Now you never know if you should rock the new black color scheme, go with tradition or maybe just mix all three together.

    Everyone was loving the black in 2011, but tradition may once again take the driver's seat in 2012.

5. You Hate Anything Red or Blue During Football Season

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    It is no secret that the Arizona State Sun Devils' biggest rivals are the Arizona Wildcats, so anything that even resembles UA during the football season is a big no-no.

    The Wildcats run with some pretty neutral colors, so it is tough to avoid, but you don't want people thinking you have different alliances when Saturday rolls around.

    As long as it doesn't rock a big A, you will likely get by just fine.

    But beware. You may get yelled at.

6. You Don't Get Why Sparky Scares Your Friends from Other Schools

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    For people outside of the Sun Devils' inner circle, the team's mascot, Sparky, kind of creeps them out.

    To be honest, all mascots are relatively creepy, so things shouldn't be any different with Sparky.

    Sure, he is the devil, but come on, that is the intimidating factor about it!

    Whatever, people—be scared of this devilish fellow. Sparky knows where he is appreciated!

7. You Miss Sparky Stomping on the Bus

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    Nothing got a night started at Sun Devil Stadium like seeing Sparky destroy the bus of the other school with a big stomp of his foot.

    Well, the team has moved in a different direction lately, and honestly, it just doesn't get fans quite as pumped.

    The newer intro can be seen here.

    The new history timeline is a nice touch, but simply ripping a sign on a screen won't do it for Sun Devil fans anymore.

    Bring back the bus stomp!

8. You Continue to Wonder When Danny White Will Be Named Head Coach

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    Whenever there is a job opening for the Arizona State Sun Devils, one of the first names that fans always bring into question is former quarterback Danny White.

    The former All-American followed up his great success at ASU with the Dallas Cowboys, where he saw his most success from 1980-83.

    White went on to coach Arena Football teams like the Arizona Rattlers and Utah Blaze, but he has never appeared to be a realistic option for his alma mater. 

9. You Believe Frank Kush Is the Greatest College Coach of All Time

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    No coach represents Arizona State football better than former Sun Devils head coach Frank Kush.

    From 1958-79, Kush had an overall record of 176-54-1, including six bowl wins in six appearances.

    Kush won four Fiesta Bowls from 1971-75, with the 1973 season being the only exception.

    It was the 1975 season where Kush took the Sun Devils to a perfect season with a record of 13-0.

    No coach has been able to carry such a tenure, and given the increased competition in the Pac-12 as of late, it would be incredibly difficult for anyone to top such success.

10. Your Only Excuse to Go to Tucson Is for a Sun Devils Road Game

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    If you are an Arizona State Sun Devils fan, you should have no reason to ever head to Tucson.

    The only time you go there is every other year to just cheer your team on.

    This isn't bashing on Tucson in anyway, but neither school is likely interested in spending time on one another's campuses all that long.

    If you want to be there to cheer your team on, though, you have to take the trip to where you know you won't be wanted.