Ready for the Mercedes Lakers?

Jerry MilaniContributor IMarch 28, 2012

Ready for the Mercedes Lakers?

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    Several recent stories have pointed to the fact that the NBA may be the first professional league of the big four in the United States to put sponsors on uniforms. Basketball has tested sponsorship on the WNBA uniforms with no push back, MLS has been very successful selling logos on their jerseys, and the practice is common and very lucrative around the world.

    Is the time right now? According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the opportunity may be addressed as soon as April 12, and many marketers say the time has come. 

    “When you look at the revenue streams left available, jersey branding is the most significant that hasn’t been exploited,” says David Abrutyn, head of global consulting at sports marketing firm IMG Worldwide. “It’s inevitable,” agrees Frank Vuono, co-founder of 16W Marketing, according to the piece by Ira Boudway.

    Want to see what four other franchises will look like with their new corporate partners and who they could be?  Here are a few...

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