UFC 93 Was a Bust

joshua khanContributor IJanuary 17, 2009

I must say, I've never been more disappointed in my entire life, more or less. I don't blame the UFC at all, but some of the matchups between the fighters were just downright boring. 

I love many of the fighters coming off of this card and it was just an utter disappointment, and in such a place like Ireland, it will most definitely make the UFC think twice before they decide who will pick for future cards.

I will only be covering the Main Card, the card I was so hopelessly looking forward to.

Marcus Davis vs Chris Lytle

It was one of the better fights but after watching these two be utter wrecking machines, but I didn't even see anyone get hurt in that fight. I don't have a problem with watching fighters play the careful game, but these guys wanted to come out and swing and its not cool to get a fans hopes up.

Denis Kang vs Alan Belcher

I was pretty happy with this fight. I don't have anything bad to say about it, but I was pretty disappointed to see Kang lose; the pride fighter downfall yet continues. I don't see Belcher becoming a force in the division, watching him fight Maia would be something worth watching considering Maia would crush him in a humiliating defeat.

Rousimar Palhares vs Jeremy Horn

Don't even get me started on this fight!! Where was this world-renown technique that I've been hearing so much about? He's been nothing but a one-trick pony in the UFC and I don't see him lasting much longer in this organization.

Palhares is nothing more than a snoozer fighter, and Horn laying in the fetal position? You'd think a fighter with his calibre would have a much more defined technique after all his experience.

Mark Coleman vs Mauricio Rua

OH MY GOD! I've followed these two since the pride days and I figured in Shoguns first fight it was just something that he isn't used to, and I was hoping for a more promising fight and to watch him dominate the hammer, but all I saw was a bunch of tired out retards who were sloppy as hell, and it's reasons like this that I hate watching two really talented fighters throw bombs with their hands down.

Shogan had a prayer answered with the ref stopped the fight after that uppercut, very sloppy and very disappointing

Rich Franklin vs Dan Henderson

This fight wasn't bad at all, except I was very disappointed to see Henderson, being an Olympic wrestler come in and do so poorly against Rich Franklin. EVERYONE KNOWS Franklin comes in with the absolute best cardio; how could someone be so stupid!!

If he's in that bad of shape with Bisping, he's gonna definitely lose that fight; this is the end of it.