WWE WrestleMania 28: WWE '12 Xbox 360 Preview and Predictions

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIMarch 29, 2012

WWE WrestleMania 28: WWE '12 Xbox 360 Preview and Predictions

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    Whenever major sporting events like the Super Bowl and the NBA Finals roll around, you always see ESPN and other sports outlets simulating the big games or series on the latest Madden or NBA 2K game. So I got to thinking, why not do the same with the WWE? 

    Here is how WrestleMania 28 will pan out according to WWE '12. Enjoy!

Divas Tag-Team Match: Beth Phoenix and Eve vs Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos

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    The Match: According to WWE '12, this Divas match will actually be entertaining....sort of. The match started out with Beth and Kelly in the ring for their teams. Beth and Eve used their strong team chemistry (wait....what?) to tag early and often, making good use of their double-team move repertoire. Kelly finally started fighting back and eventually took the fight outside of the ring against her former gal pal, Eve.

    After a few quick strikes, the fight gets corralled back into the ring, where both Divas would make quick tags to their partner. According to the simulation, Maria Menounos has some real talent in the squared circle. Menounos was able to put together a nice string of moves against the Diva's champ until Beth virtually had enough. Beth hit a few military presses and other heavy hitting moves that weren't so lady-like, which eventually led to Beth hitting her finisher the glam-slam, but wait.

    What's this? Kelly Kelly was distracting the ref! Oh snap! The ref couldn't count the pin, which gave Kelly and Maria the opportunity to turn the tables! But they didn't. Beth hit a second glam-slam and sealed the victory for her and her hoski of a teammate.  

    The Outcome: Beth and Eve got the victory over one of the last face divas and a journalist...well, "journalist."

    My Prediction: I'm not picking up what WWE '12 put down. Rarely do we see a Mania celebrity match where the celebrity doesn't actually win. I'm calling for a Kelly-Maria victory over the new Divas of Destruction...er, Doom...whatever. 

Team Jonny vs Team Teddy

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    The Match: As you can expect, video games can't do everything. This 12-man tag match is for control of both Raw and Smackdown and is a match that THQ didn't prepare for with the release of WWE '12, which offers no 12-man tag match to speak of. So I did the next best thing: John Laurinaitis vs Teddy Long, One-on-One! 

    Thanks to the WWE '12 Community creations, the two general managers duked it out (in their suits). The match was back and forth for the most part, Long targeting the lanky limbs of Johnny Ace while Johnny was focusing on the head and the neck of the Smackdown GM with snap mares and headlocks. Long turned up the intensity with a springboard cross-body attack from the apron, setting himself up for the Rough Ryder followed by a Spear to seal his victory, earning him control of Raw and Smackdown.  

    The Outcome: A Rough Ryder and Spear for the win? Maybe not so crazy. Virtual Teddy Long must have been taking notes form his virtual Team Teddy member, Zack Ryder. 

    My Prediction: Again, I think the game missed this one. Obviously, the GMs won't be fighting each other (or will they?) come Sunday, but either way, I think a Team Johnny victory makes a lot more sense here. Johnny has been actually remotely entertaining on the mic, getting a lot of heat from fans at live shows. We'll see on Sunday!

Randy Orton vs Kane

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    The Match: This last-minute storyline has led to what should be a decently entertaining match between the Big Red Machine and the Apex Predator. In the simulation, Orton came out of the gate with a barrage of back-breakers and clotheslines to weaken Kane. Kane started fighting back with high-impact strikes. Orton was able to get the upper hand after a few well-timed counters, which led to the predator laying on the mat, warming up the RKO.

    Orton connected on the RKO, which would surely be the end for Kan-He kicked out! Kane kicked out at two and started mounting a glorious comeback. It was all downhill from there for Randy. Kane hit a two-handed chokeslam followed by his signature chokeslam for the victory.

    The Outcome: Kane wins? It’s like WWE '12 isn’t even trying!

    My Prediction: Well so far, in my opinion, WWE ’12 is o’fer. I think this last-minute storyline (if you can call it that) is a vehicle for Orton to get over with the fans after a turbulent 2011-12. He’s been hurt in the middle of big storylines, and I feel the Apex Predator will pounce on the Big Red Machine to earn a hard-fought victory at WrestleMania.

Cody Rhodes vs Big Show: Intercontinental Title

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    The Match: This simulation looked possible...for the most part. Big Show was on the offensive from the bell, tossing Cody Rhodes around the ring like a paper bag full of see-through masks. Rhodes was able to counter some big moves from Show and was able to sneak in a Crossrhodes on the world’s largest athlete. Big Show somehow kicked out and countered a second Crossrhodes into a Knockout Punch for the win.

    The Outcome: Big show becomes the Intercontinental Champ

    My Prediction: Again, I disagree with the WWE ’12 prediction, but this time with a disclaimer. I think Cody Rhodes will win on Sunday using Big Show to be put over at wrestling’s biggest night.

    The disclaimer: If WWE is going to give Rhodes a push for the major title, would they drop his title to Big Show, though? 

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus: World Heavyweight Championship

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    The Match: This match actually looked surprisingly realistic. Sheamus came out dominating Bryan, tossing him around the ring with the greatest of ease. Bryan eventually made his comeback, hitting his own five moves of death, ending in his kicks to the Great White Sheamus’ chest followed by a labell lock that DIDN’T take him 30 seconds to lock in!

    Sheamus was able to squirm his way to the ropes, causing Bryan to break the hold. Sheamus hit a Celtic Cross out of nowhere and got the 1-2-3 for the victory and a new World Heavyweight Champion. 

    The Outcome: Sheamus hitting a Celtic Cross to win sounds about right. The match was missing a Daniel Bryan high dropkick countered into a Brogue Kick. 

    My Prediction: I agree with the game. Bryan has done an OK job making his heel transformation, but Sheamus winning the Rumble was just part one of a major push for the Celtic Warrior. I definitely see the Pale Monster getting the victory and the strap on Sunday. 

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho: WWE Championship

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    The Match: This simulation was almost as fun to watch as a real Punk Jericho match. The match was very even throughout, Jericho going for a lot of different submission moves, Punk was sticking to his educating feet, landing kicks and strikes to keep Jericho at bay. The two looked like they watched a lot of tape on each other, countering what seemed like every other move, after a counter Punk surprised Y2J with a GTS.

    But Jericho, being the crafty veteran that he is, rolled out of the ring before Punk could go for the cover. Jericho came back in the ring and was able to lock in the Walls of Jericho on the champ. Punk was able to get to the ropes and pour himself out of the ring to recover, but Jericho wasn’t having it. Jericho jumped out of the ring and hit a codebreaker on the champ to steal the belt. 

    The Outcome: Y2J getting a victory thanks to his crafty wrestling. Sounds legit. 

    My Prediction: Although the virtual opponents wrestled like their real-world representations, I’m not sure I agree with WWE ’12’s take on the match. With the rumors flying around about Jericho leaving the WWE in mid to late-April to prepare for a tour with his band, would they really give him the strap? I think not. I’m sensing a Punk victory on sunday. 

HHH vs Undertaker W/ HBK: Hell in a Cell

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    The Match: Again, held back by the limitations of WWE ’12, there was no way to bring in a huge part of this match, HBK. This simulation, however, does follow what many WWE fans are hoping for this Sunday: HBK having no effect on the outcome of the match.

    The match itself, was...interesting. It started out very even, both superstars trading punches and low-impact grapple attacks. Taker was able to counter a running knee from Triple H, sending the COO out of the ring. Taker made use of the “devil’s playground” and used the cell as a weapon.

    Triple H was able to slide back into the ring and start his comeback until Taker caught him in a chokeslam followed by a Tombstone Piledriver to win the match and continue the streak. 

    The Outcome: The simulation lasted less than five minutes and was all Undertaker.

    My Prediction: Although I agree with the outcome, I’m pretty sure it’ll look a bit different on Sunday. I’m sure we’ll see Triple H get his fair share of pedigrees and sledge-hammer shots on the Undertaker.

    Another factor that hardly played into the simulation was the actual Hell in a Cell structure. I expect to see the cell play a large part in the match, possibly involving the superstars breaking through the side or even the top of the hellish structure.

    Another part that the simulation was missing was the special guest referee. Whether you want him to or not, HBK will have an impact on this match. He might not have a blatant effect on the outcome...but he might.

    I definitely see Undertaker continuing the streak at Mania, with a little friendly help from Mr. WrestleMania. 

John Cena vs the Rock

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    The Match: Never before, never again. The greatest match in history. This match has been called a lot of things and has been touted as one of the best matchups in WWE history. This WWE ’12 simulation did its best to live up to the setup. 

    The match started out with the People’s Champ dominating. He was able to land a People’s Elbow right into the heart of the Cenation Commander-in-Chief. Cena then (like he does) started to fight back against all odds. Cena and Rock traded punches; Cena countered the People’s punch and took over. He hit his fisherman suplex, which led to the five moves of death, ending with a five-knuckle shuffle and an Attitude Adjustment for the Cenation victory. 

    The Outcome: The simulation had everything we’ll see on Sunday, except for the passing-of-the-torch handshake afterwards. 

    My Prediction: This was one of the three correct predictions from the WWE ’12 simulations. Cena has to win to pass the torch from the Attitude Era to now...unless the Rock has plans to wrestle again! 

In Conclusion....

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    Personally, I only think three of the eight simulations were correct, but it's just that, a game. Overall, video games can't accurately predict an event like WrestleMania. The game can't account for interference, crazy 12-man tag matches, and special guest referees and all of the other craziness that comes with one of the most exciting events of the year.  

    What do you think about the predictions? Does WWE '12 know something we don't? What do you agree/disagree with? Let me know!