WWE Superstars and Their NFL Counterparts

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJanuary 17, 2009

Although the NFL and the WWE are two separate entities entirely, I thought that it might be interesting to compare the top Superstars in professional wrestling with what could be their NFL counterparts.

I have to give proper credit to Shane Howard who wrote an excellent article titled WWE Wrestlers and Their NBA Counterparts which can be found here...


Hope the plug makes up for my blatant theft of your incredible concept Shane.

Now, I will begin my run-down of some of the WWE's Superstars and the NFL players who make the best matches.

1) Randy Orton: Peyton Manning

Both two men are multi-generational athletes who developed a love for their father's respected sport at a very young age. Orton was genetically built to become a great in-ring competitor where as Peyton Manning was gifted with the natural ability to become one of the NFL's all time greatest pocket passers.

Both have been known for getting quite vocal with their teammates (or Orton with his Legacy) yet the both carry themselves like gentleman outside of their lines of work (at least Orton has cleaned his act up as of late).

2) Edge: Tom Brady

Both are considered consistentwinners within their professions. Edge has many multiple World Title reigns (more than most of the top stars today) and Tom Brady has more Super Bowl rings than any current active quarterback. Both would go to any extent (be it ethical or not) in order to secure their top spot. You could even go as far as to say that Tom Brady might be the "Ultimate Opportunist" of the NFL.

3) Shelton Benjamin: Reggie Bush

They are possibly the two most gifted natural athletes in their professions. Although both have had moderate success (Shelton being a United States champion and a former Intercontinental champion, Reggie Bush leading his team to the NFC title game in 2006) but neither has ever reached the pinnacle of their sport. Thus proving that the best natural athlete is not always the best at their position.

4) Rey Mysterio: Darren Sproles

Both can be considered ultimate underdogs. Neither are were viewed as large enough to be successful in their sport but both have managed to prove their critics wrong. Rey Mysterio became a World Champion and Darren Sproles racked up over 300 yards against one of the NFLs's best teams, in the post season.

5) Shane McMahon: Josh McDaniels

Both either were or are viewed to be too young to make an impact in their profession but both have exceeded expectations and have proven to be very dominating forces within the corporate or coaching ranks.

6) Fit Finlay: Jason Garrett

Finlay was a successful wrestler and Garrett had some success playing the quarterback position in the NFL. Although neither exceeded at Hall of Fame levels within the active ranks of their sports, both havebecome great teachers. Finlay has helped train and revolutionize the Diva's division while Jason Garrett has become one of the top offensive coordinators in the game.

7) Shawn Michaels: Brett Favre

Both are first ballot Hall of Famers. Although they've managed to gather substantial criticism along the way, no one can deny the success and impact they'vehad in their respective sports. Shawn Michaels has been known as a reckless risk-taker in the ring and Brett Favre's infamous rocket-ball interceptions havelead to some major heartbreaks.

Even so, the overall good has outweighed the bad and they will live on as legends as a result.

8) Jeff Hardy: Randy Moss

Hardy and Moss both went through their shares of troubles both before and during their careers. Jeff Hardy was released from the WWE in 2003 and Randy Moss was traded away from Minnesota in 2004 as well as Oakland in 2007. Despite initial setbacks, both have managed to attain major success due to their high-risk styles and overall natural ability.

9) Cryme Tyme: Marvin Harrison and Plaxico Burress

I mean this more in a comedic manner than a serious one. The bullet-holes on JTG's jeans tell the story as both Shad Gaspard and himself act the role of comedic thugs. Harrison and Burress both do not carry themselves in serious criminal-like ways but have gained a dubious reputation due to being affiliated (or involved) with guns in one way or another.

Marvin Harrison's small stature places him in the role of JTG as the 6'6" Plaxico can play the role of Shad Gaspard.

10) John Cena: Bob Sanders

Looking at them you can tell that both men are impressive physical specimens. Both are current (or former) champions that share one negative draw-back. Both have had to miss significant time due to various injuries that have prevented them from competing on a regular basis. Even so, both make a major impact when they are healthy enough to compete.

11) Umaga: Haloti Ngata

Both haveheritage residing close to the isles of Samoa. Neither of them are very talkative as they let their physical performance do the talking. Umaga is a former Intercontinental champion and Haloti Ngata was a first round draft selection.

12) MVP: Calvin Johnson

Talk about being stuck in a funk that is out of their control. MVP has been held down of the WWE's creative team and just managed to snap an extensive losing streak where as Calvin Johnson had to suffer with an 0-16 record despite exceptional individual performances.