WWE WrestleMania 28: 15 Burning Questions Fans Want Answered

Sammy Sucu@oblivion08Senior Analyst IMarch 30, 2012

WWE WrestleMania 28: 15 Burning Questions Fans Want Answered

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    WrestleMania 28 is slowly shaping up to be the best event in WWE history. 

    After one year of anticipation, the WWE Universe will witness one of the greatest matches of all time— the Rock vs. John Cena. The WrestleMania 28 card is so good some fans have said this match is the third-best of the night. 

    Now that the last episodes prior to WrestleMania of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown have either been shown or recorded, the list of questions has grown much longer. 

    Even though there are a lot of questions lingering in the minds of fans, these are the top 15 questions that should be on every wrestling fan's mind going into Sunday's event. 

15. Will Big Show Have Another Embarrassing WrestleMania Moment?

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    Big Show is one of a select few who does not enjoy WrestleMania. 

    Every time WrestleMania comes around, it seems like  Show is in some gimmick match with a non-wrestler.

    This should make it easy for the Big Show to win, right?

    No. If someone did not know this by now, Cody Rhodes definitely showed the wrestling world how awful the Big Show is at WrestleMania.

    Whether it was when he got knocked out by Floyd "Money" Mayweather or when he was in a sumo match with Akebono, Show always gets embarrassed. 

    Will the Big Show suffer once again at WrestleMania?


    Against Rhodes, Show will channel all his anger and use his incredible size and strength to demolish the "Dashing One." If not, then Rhodes will always make sure the wrestling world knows that he put Show through another embarrassing WrestleMania moment. 

    With the way Show has been acting as of late, it seems like he does not want to give Rhodes any more negativity to talk about. 

14. Can the Divas Match Be Exciting for Once?

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    The Divas match is usually known as the bathroom break to the WWE Universe, but that might change on Sunday.

    The promotion of this match was pedestrian at best, but the Divas involved are pretty solid. Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix are three of the best four women's wrestlers in the WWE.

    Will fans care about the Divas match this year?


    The star power added by Maria Menounos might be enough to garner a lot of interest.

    Menounos has shown her athleticism in the WWE before and she might just turn some heads this Sunday in the ring. 

    This match is not going to be a five-star match, but it might be a Divas match that will finally interest the fans.

13. Will Randy Orton and Kane Put on a Good Show?

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    Randy Orton and Kane are two of the biggest draws in the past decade, but that does not necessarily mean the world is excited for this match.

    The battle between the "Viper" and the "Big Red Machine" was not booked properly at all. Four-to-five weeks of a little back-and-forth between the two is definitely not enough for a WrestleMania match. 

    With that being said, don't think that either of these incredible competitors are going to lay an egg in front of the world on Sunday.

    The storyline the fans should be watching for is whether or not Orton is more demented than Kane. The fans have seen the way Orton snaps into his "Viper Mode", and that may just be enough to take down the "Big Red Monster." 

    Will it be a good match?

    Most likely, but nothing special. If this match was booked properly, it might have been one of the top three matches of the night.  

12. How Will Team Johnny Fare with David Otunga as the Captain?

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    Jennifer Hudson's husband and Harvard Law graduate David Otunga will lead Team Johnny in the sox-on-6 battle to determine which general manager will run both SmackDown and Monday Night Raw.

    Otunga has not been in the spotlight much, but as of late he has been getting a lot of attention. Being the legal counsel for John Laurinaitis is enough to get a lot of attention, especially with all the faux lawsuits he claims to file against opposing wrestlers. 

    Otunga is definitely not the best wrestlers or the biggest draw on Team Johnny, but he has been given the honor as captain for the team.

    Will this be a problem for the big egos on the team like Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, or will Team Johnny cooperate well under the leadership of a wrestling attorney? 

    Will Otunga do well as a leader?

    It's possible that there might be some trouble in the beginning, but Otunga is as sly as they come and that might just help him put Team Johnny over the top. 

11. How Will Team Long Fare with Santino Marella as Captain?

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    Would you trust Santino Marella as the captain of your team? 

    Let's be honest: Marella has been on an incredible run as of late.

    There is no denying the fact that he is finally out of the lower-mid card. Marella is still the funny jokester that he used to be, but now he is playing the role as the underdog who always finds a way to come out on top.

    It's tough to believe that he is now the U.S. champion and the leader for Team Long at WrestleMania.

    Will the rest of his teammates take him seriously enough to listen to his guidance, or will the team falter because they know that Marella is nothing more than just a joke?

    Will Team Long take Marella seriously?

    After Elimination Chamber and his huge upset over Jack Swagger, it's tough to not take him seriously anymore. This team should be just fine with the "Italian Stallion" running the team. 

10. Who Will Be the GM That Runs Both Raw and SmackDown?

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    This is the most important answer the WWE Universe can get out of the show. 

    Imagine what it would be like if John Laurinaitis controlled both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown. There were be plenty of favoritism to the heels while CM Punk gets buried to the ground. Johnny would also ruin SmackDown and probably give Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan all the love possible. Not only is Johnny Ace boring, but he is very predictable. Despite what he says, he is far from "Mr. excitement". 

    If Teddy Long continued to run SmackDown it would be just fine. Long is more of a realist and that is the type of GM Raw needs because of their great talent. It would be tougher for Long to balance all the talent on the show, but he will definitely take the challenge with gusto.

    Who has the best chance of running both shows? 

    It's safe to assume, based on the teams, that Team Long does not have much of a chance. Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Mark Henry should be enough to help bring Johnny Ace the honor of running both shows. 

9. Will Another Royal Rumble Winner Lose at WrestleMania Again?

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    The match between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan is not the most exciting match on the card, but it is definitely an important one.

    Whenever the world heavyweight title is on the line, there should be an abundance of importance.

    Unfortunately for Sheamus, there has been a very bad trend that works in Bryan's favor. The last four winners of the Royal Rumble have went on the wrestler for the WWE or world heavyweight title and have lost. 

    Will Sheamus continue this bad trend for Royal Rumble winners?

    Probably not. Sheamus has an easier opponent than the other ex-Royal Rumble winners.

    At WrestleMania 24, John Cena had to face Triple H and Randy Orton.

    At WrestleMania 25, Randy Orton had to face Triple H.

    At WrestleMania 26, Edge went up against Chris Jericho.

    At WrestleMania 27, Alberto Del Rio had to face Edge. 

    Edge, Randy Orton, Triple H and Chris Jericho are much stronger opponents than Bryan.

    The only thing Bryan has going for him is his elite submission ability and his knack for winning matches in a non-clean way, which brings us to our next point.

8. Will Daniel Bryan Win the Match Clean?

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    Daniel Bryan has been winning matches like a punk as of late.

    Whether it is using his girlfriend AJ or having someone come in and distract his opponent, Bryan has not won a match clean in some time.

    Even if he has, it has not been against an opponent like Sheamus. 

    Will Bryan win this match clean?

    Probably not. Sheamus is a tough opponent who can be as dirty as Bryan. If he ever tries to pull off one of his dirty moves on the "Great White," he will be stomped to the ground. 

7. How Will Shawn Michaels Effect the Outcome of the Match?

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    Shawn Michaels is the special guest referee of the match between the Undertaker and Triple H.

    If you are Triple H, you would think that this is a good thing, right? Wrong. 

    The way HBK has been acting as of late might be an indication that he may, in fact, help the Undertaker. 

    Will Michaels really effect the outcome of this epic match?

    Regardless of who it is, it should come as no surprise when Michaels goes beyond what a normal referee should do and gets involved in the match somehow.

    Whether it be a slow count for one wrestler and a fast count for another or hitting one of the two competitors with Sweet Chin Music, he will be involved. 

    You better believe that the "End of an Era" match will be decided by something that HBK does. 

6. Will the Streak End?

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    If the streak ends then that means the Undertaker ends and so does everything the WWE has built up for him. If anyone deserves to have a 20-0 record at WrestleMania, it's the Undertaker. 

    The only way the streak will end is if Shawn Michaels gets involved and helps HHH in defeating the "deadman". If this happens, the 19-1 record will always be tainted and wrestling fans across the world will have a bad taste in their mouth after watching this pay-per-view. 

    Should the streak end?

    No. Never. Not to Triple H or anyone else involved in the business. 

5. Will CM Punk Walk out of Miami as the WWE Champ?

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    CM Punk was on a tear and no one was able to stop him.

    Then, Chris Jericho came back to the WWE and made Punk realize that there is another wrestler out there that has a bigger mouth and does everything better than Punk does. 

    Will Punk still be considered the best in the world after Sunday?


    After Jericho revealed those deep secrets about Punk's past, you better believe that he will come out and try to destroy Y2J. He will likely succeed because Jericho will see the side of Punk that no one has seen lately.

    Jericho will encounter the Punk that defeated John Cena and left with the title and the guy who took over Nexus in one night after overthrowing Wade Barrett. 

    Jericho messed with the wrong guy. Once WrestleMania 28 comes to a close, the fans will always remember the match between Punk and Jericho to be the best of the night. 

4. Will the Miz Get Involved in the Main Event?

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    According to a report from Marc Middleton of Wrestlinginc.com, the Miz may interfere in the matchup between these two superstars.

    One of the plans for John Cena vs. The Rock at WrestleMania 28 would see interference from another WWE Superstar towards the end of the match. This isn't confirmed but speculation is that The Miz may interfere.

    If the WWE creative team knows what's good for them they should definitely scrap this idea as fast as possible. If the Miz runs in during the match and helps one of them win then one full year of promotion goes down the drain. The WWE loses all the hype they built up and all of their credibility. 

    Will the Miz run in during the match?

    No. There is now a lesser chance of this because the Miz has joined Team Johnny in the 6 on 6 tag match. This does not mean that he still can't come to the ring during the match, but it is highly unlikely. The WWE is not stupid enough to allow for this to happen, and if they are, they could start kissing a lot of fans good-bye. 

3. Will the Rock and John Cena Disappoint the World with a Sub-Par Match?

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    The match between the Rock and John Cena will not only live up to the hype, but it will surpass it.

    The Rock and Cena may not be the most talented technical wrestlers, but they always know how put on a great show.

    When the bright lights hit both of their bodies as they stand in the middle of the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home, they will give it their all. 

    This match had a great year of build up and there is no way that it ends in anti-climactic fashion. Both competitors will put their best efforts and make sure the crowd goes home clapping for hours.

    Will this match dissapoint?

    No. Don't expect for a Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar match here.

    This match will be similar to the bout between Hulk Hogan and the Rock at WrestleMania 18. Two of the biggest stars of their generation in one ring fighting to prove one thing, which one is better. 

2. Will Cena Turn Heel?

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    This may be the millionth time someone has asked whether or not John Cena turns heel.

    If there has ever been a right time to do it, it's now. 

    Cena will enter WrestleMania 28 to a chorus of boos from the Miami crowd. It's tough for him to expect anything else, because he is coming into the Rock's house as his opponent's biggest current challenge.

    Cena won't have the fans on his side, so he may need to use something else to get him over. 

    Maybe having the Miz interfere in the match will allow for Cena to pick up the victory, or maybe Cena uses a weapon when the referee is down or not looking. Either one of these scenarios will definitely turn him heel. 

    Will Cena "embrace the hate"?

    There is a good chance, but it may not happen just yet. 

    Although this would be the best time to do it, the WWE wants to make sure their new fans that tuned in because of the Rock have something to watch once the match is over.

    It would be easier to sell Cena as a face than as a heel. Cena defeating the Rock in clean fashion would say a lot about his legacy. If Cena did it in dirty fashion then it might taint his reputation. 

    A lot of the IWC would like to see this, because they know heel Cena means more exciting Cena. 

1. Will There Be Seeds Planted for WrestleMania 29 Storylines?

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    According to a report from Marc Middleton of WrestlingInc.com, the WWE has discussed a potential re-match between the Rock and Cena at WrestleMania 29. 

    As noted before, WWE officials were discussing a potential John Cena vs. The Rock rematch this past weekend. There has also been talk of doing a third match between the two. If they go with the trilogy, the rematch would take place sometime this year with the third match taking place at WrestleMania 29 in New Jersey. 

    This may not sit well with many fans because the WWE has booked this as a "Once in a Lifetime" match.

    It may be a good idea to set up a feud between another old fan favorite against a current one, but another one-year long booking of Rock vs. Cena may just annoy the fans. 

    If the WWE is smart they would make sure to have CM Punk and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin plant the seeds for their own battle at WrestleMania 29. That match would likely surpass the level of excitement the fans had for the Rock and Cena match. 

    Is it a good idea for the WWE to plant seeds for next year's WrestleMania now?

    The idea of setting up storylines for next year's WrestleMania is good, but it is not ideal.

    The WWE may not be able to book a coule of storylines well because it seemed like they had trouble dealing with one this past year. 

    There should be some mention of what to expect from WrestleMania next year. However, there should be no more re-matches. There should only be match ups that fans really want to see like Austin vs. Punk or the Rock vs. Brock Lesnar. 

    Regardless of what the WWE plans for next year, this year's WrestleMania will definitely live up to the hype. The fans of the WWE will watch the best WrestleMania in the past decade this Sunday live from Miami, Fla. 

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