NFL Draft 2012: Browns' No. 4 Pick a Hot Commodity in the Trade Market

Andrew LawrenceContributor IIIMarch 28, 2012

The NFL Draft is less than a month away now
The NFL Draft is less than a month away nowChris Trotman/Getty Images

According to many sources around the league (via Mary Kay Cabot of The Cleveland Plain-Dealer here), Jeff Fisher, head coach of the Rams, has deemed the Browns "potential trade partners."

This is a confirmation that the Browns' fourth-overall pick could be a hot commodity in the trade market once the draft starts in full swing next month.

General Manager Tom Heckert has said that he will not trade up, but is not opposed to trading down as far as the No. 8 spot. In my opinion this would leave two potential trade partners, the previously-mentioned Rams and the Miami Dolphins.

The Rams would make this trade to secure their selection of Justin Blackmon who is obviously their number-one priority for the draft.

If they are legitimately concerned about the Browns selecting him, then they will try to make this deal. However, from all the information and talks I have seen, the Browns do not appear entirely swept off their feet with Blackmon.

In my opinion, as the draft gets closer, more talk of Blackmon to the Browns will be leaked from Berea as trade leverage. If they do make this trade, they would still be in a spot to take either Morris Claiborne or Trent Richardson—whomever Tampa Bay decides to pass on. Both would be solid options for the Browns.

The Dolphins would make this trade if they have decided to target Ryan Tannehill and have concerns that the Browns may select him. Reports have mentioned that Cleveland has not ruled Tannehill out of their draft talks.

To me this trade possibility is exactly why they haven't. If they swap with Miami, I feel that Richardson/Claiborne (whichever one Tampa does not seelct) would still be there at eight. If not, other options like Riley Reiff, Michael Floyd and Luke Kuechly could all be possibilities.

One thing is for sure, H&H enjoy to get the most value out of their draft picks and enjoy to work with a plethora of selections. With these scenarios I will not be at all surprised to see them trade down a few spots and gain a few extra picks in the second and later rounds of the upcoming draft.