The Hottest Sports Fan Photoshoots

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIMarch 29, 2012

The Hottest Sports Fan Photoshoots

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    While we'd prefer a comfortable spot in the center of Ditka's bar chatting over pints and peanuts, yapping about who had the knockwurst, bratwurst and pork chops, slobbering our ludicrous predictions about an upcoming playoff game between Daaaaaaaa Bears and Giants, we're here for a different type of superfan.

    Bill Swerski's crew was indeed memorable, but the sports world is shadowed by a more enticing group of diehards, a sexier bevy of loyal enthusiasts who truly understand the art of appreciation.

    Some were legends in their own fields, while others made names for themselves by wearing little more than a tight jersey and a warming smile.

    These beautiful fans make every victory that much better, and every loss a bit more bearable.

    Let's take a look at the hottest superfan photoshoots.

    They've carved out quite a special place in the pantheon of sports greats.

25. Alyssa Milano

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    Most Los Angeles fans are familiar with sexy actress Alyssa Milano and her affinity for everything Dodgers—hats, shirts, blogs, boyfriends.

    But while she did date Russell Martin when he was in LA, she doesn't limit her love life to just her beloved Dodgers. Tom Glavine, Carl Pavano, Brad Penny, Barry Zito—it's quite the pitching showcase.

    Hopefully she's mastered a curveball.

24. Maria Menounos

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    She's been seen supporting the green and white at TD Garden, tebowing with Tim Tebow at the Super Bowl and wearing a Giants bikini in the middle of Times Square.

    We'll never question her passion—but her loyalty, well...

23. Jess Snyder

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    It looks like there's some stiff competition (excuse the pun) for the Giants No. 1 superfan spot.

    Jess Snyder is leading the chase.

22. Chief's BBQ

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    This fan clearly remembers a period of prosperity, a time when Trent Green and Priest Holmes ruled the Kansas City gridiron.

    They've come a long way, but it seems like the Chiefs are ready to thrive under Romeo Crennel—and their breathtaking fanbase.

21. Jimena Sanchez

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    Oakland fans take don't need chains, skull masks and thrashing demeanors to show your support.

    Jimena Sanchez shows us that less is more.

20. Larissa Riquelme

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    Ok, so maybe this isn't her most provocative display, but it was the shot that got it all started for Larissa Riquelme...the shot heard 'round the world.

    The Paraguayan model always makes her presence felt and her loyalty clear.

19. Amber Leigh Hartman

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    Known for her breathtaking athletic performances and uncanny ability to garner attention, Amber Leigh Hartman is quickly getting noticed for a less-awesome reason.

    Breaking up with Phillies boyfriend Jared Cosart over twitter? Ouch.

18. Red Sox Faithful

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    It had been a tough century for Boston fans before their beloved Saux won two World Series titles in a three-year span.

    Finally, their fans could be appreciated.

17. Jenn Sterger

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    We certainly haven't forgotten this former Gameday host's magnetic eyes, stunning body and breathtaking...personality.

    Jenn Sterger was first spotted in the Florida State stands as a sexy Cowgirl, only to make her way to the Big Apple, where she unintentionally tickled the fancy of a thoroughly indecisive high-profile quarterback.

    But she always kept us watching.

16. Falcon Punch

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    After an early exit in the playoffs last year, the Falcons are looking to their sexy fanbase for even more support this coming year.

    We are as well.

15. Sarah Brandner

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    Once the innocent and sexy girlfriend of footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger (also likely the name of a quality wheat beer), Sarah Brandner has seemingly taken her image to new heights.

    We can't seem to lift our jaws up.

14. Pinstripe Pipe Dream

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    Most teams can only imagine fan support like this, but the Yanks have the pleasure of hosting some of the most enthusiastic, passionate and provocative diehards known to man.

    Um...what pinstripes?

13. Ashley Ferrara

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    While most superfans are one-hit wonders, Internet sensations for a day and then tossed to the side for the next loyal follower willing to get risque, Ashley Ferrara has the resume to back the production. 

    A law student at Oklahoma, this MMA ring card girl wants to make sure her Sooners truly appreciate her support.

    They have no choice but to oblige.

12. Jessica Burciaga

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    Sure, she was the February 2009 Playboy Playmate and was seen baring her allegiance to USC not so far back, but Jessica Burciaga is now known for a far more enticing reason.

    She was evidently at the top of Kobe's priority list during his tumultuous marriage— or that's the rumor heating the stands.

11. Reby Sky

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    The sky is the limit for Giants superfan Reby Sky.

    Few have mastered the art of seduction, appreciation and loyalty better than this New York diehard. 

    Modeling is clearly a side job, Big Blue always comes first.

10. Shannon James

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    While it's common knowledge that Playboy Miss May 2007 Shannon James exudes natural support for her hometown Philadelphians, it's her relationship with outfielder Hunter Pence that has us truly believing in her spirit.

    But it's her cheesesteak-ordering routine that could permanently solidify our respect.

9. Heidi Klum

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    While she's clearly a football fan, it's Heidi Klum's allegiance to the Pats that has us screaming.

    We've yet to discover her loyalty to the Baahston area, so we're figuring it's just Tom Brady's pretty-boy looks that have her blowing imaginary whistles.

8. Jessica Alba

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    With a riveting curvature and exotic flow, Jessica Alba keeps us always wanting more.

    However, we could have never guessed that she was a Golden State Warriors fan, despite her golden exterior.

    Every tailgate party needs her.

7. Charlize Theron

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    The Cider House always rules when Charlize Theron is in the Los Angeles crowd.

    While she can be spotted at both Lakers and Clippers games, Theron is always loyal to the camera.

6. Adriana Lima

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    She may just be a Marko Jaric fan, but Adriana Lima is shadowing more than just the basketball world in the eyes of fans.

    Interesting choice though on her part.

5. Eliza Dushku

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    While she clearly loves the NBA as the girlfriend of former baller Rick Fox, it's Eliza Dushku's affinity for rugby that has us intrigued.

    The muddy clawing for victory is complimented best by soft-natured fans like this.

4. Beyonce Knowles

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    Oh, you can bet Foxxy Cleopatra is a diehard Nets fan, if only because her rapper beau is the owner.

    She must be the central reason many of us are excited to see the dwindling Nets in Brooklyn.

3. Jaime Edmondson

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    Her affinity for sports was first spotted on Google, paint-colored and glamorous, but it was away from the camera that Jaime Edmondson really sealed the deal.

    As the new girlfriend of Evan Longoria, this bombshell model can begin her attack on another field of play.

2. Marisa Miller

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    Sure she's graced the drool-worthy pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but it's Marisa Miller's inspiring allegiance to the Niners that has us truly salivating.

    Just a calm walk on the beach gets the crowd going.

1. Bar Refaeli

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    She's often seen sporting the purple and gold at Lakers games (although what sexy celebrities aren't), and even had a memorable day on the trampoline with superstar Chris Paul...yeah Bar Refaeli is always shadowing the sports world.

    Or rather gracing the cover of it.