Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Are Dominik and Schiano in Love with Trent Richardson?

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IMarch 28, 2012

Does Greg Schiano look at No. 3 and see a better version of Ray Rice?
Does Greg Schiano look at No. 3 and see a better version of Ray Rice?Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Don't believe anything you hear between now and the NFL draft.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, we pose this scenario:

Mark Dominik has mentioned a few things, draft related. He's talked about trading down, he's talked about not letting Aqib Talib's "situation" affect the Bucs first-round pick.

We refer you back to the first sentence.

One name that hasn't been thrown all over One Buc Place is Mr. Alabama, and that would be running back Trent Richardson.

To which we ask the question: Has Greg Schiano fallen in love with Trent Richardson? Does Greg Schiano dream of Richardson and see perhaps a running back who might be even better than Ray Rice, a player Schiano coached and coached well at Rutgers.

It certainly isn't out of the question. You look at video of RIchardson and you see a guy who physically looks like Ray Rice in stature, is perhaps a bit faster than Rice, cuts better than Rice and catches the football out of the backfield and, yes, he can block a blitzing linebacker or safety.

Now we pose the question: Has Mark Dominik fallen in love with Trent Richardson? He certainly hasn't said much about the guy, which is probably good, we refer you back to the first sentence.

One person who is in love with Ray Rice is Mike Mayock.

Mayock, who wasn't convinced at first, now gushes over Richardson.


Richardson is fun to watch on tape.

Here's a solid scouting report/evaluation of Richardson from one of the better football sites, the NationalFootballPost.

The possibility of the Bucs taking Richardson depends on:

1. Will he be there at the fifth pick?

2. Schiano's and Dominik's feelings on LeGarrette Blount.

There is simply no control over the first variable. We know that the first two picks will be Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, maybe not in that order but they'll either be 1-2 or 2-1.

The Vikings may pick either Morris Claiborne or Matt Kalil. They've been talking up Claiborne, and once again, we refer you to the first sentence.

The Cleveland Browns are simply the Cleveland Browns. Maybe the one surefire bet with them is that they'll make a lousy pick.

So does Trent Richardson fall to the Bucs at the fifth spot?

And if he does, will Schiano and Dominik stare squarely at the player of their dreams?

Stay tuned.