Sound and the Fury: Mangino and the All-Time KU Football Win List

DJ GoodwinCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2009

Hey DJ, could you post an updated list of the all time winnigest coaches at KU. I was wondering how close Mangino is to reaching the top of it and if he can do it next year perhaps.

Excellent question. It actually good happen next year as Mark Mangino now has 45 wins. That puts him at number three with an overall record of 45-41 in seven years. A.R. "Bert" Kennedy is number one with a record of 53-9-4, which he achieved also in a seven-year span from 1904-1910. It'll take nine wins to take over the top spot, so it is a possibility. One thing is certain. Glen Mason (47-54-1) is cooked for the number two spot. I think we all feel pretty good about the Fighting Mangino's picking up three wins next year.

Here's the top ten and of course, number eight on the list demonstrates how challenging it's been to get and retain good football coaches at the University of Kansas: