WrestleMania 28: How Chris Jericho vs CM Punk Can Extend Past Sunday

Vaughn JohnsonCorrespondent IIMarch 28, 2012

The CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho has certainly picked up some steam as of late.

It has gone from being about who is simply the best in the world to a more personal, more intriguing feud. It has gathered a little more of an edge to it, which I think helped build anticipation.

It is highly unlikely that the match between the two at WrestleMania will be the last in this current feud. How will WWE keep it going?

The easiest way of doing that is to have Chris Jericho defeat CM Punk at WrestleMania so Punk can chase Jericho for the next month or so until the next pay-per-view, where he will try to enact his revenge.

I, for one, thought that was going to be the direction heading into the match at WrestleMania, but Punk retained the title at Elimination Chamber.

The problem with that scenario is Punk losing. The way this feud has been booked so far, it sets up for the heel to get his comeuppance when the babyface gets his hands on him. Plus, WWE has been pushing Punk for almost a year, and it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for him to lose the title on the biggest show of the year when there will be a lot of casual fans watching.

Therefore, WWE creative will have to actually be "creative" in coming up with a way to keep the belt on Punk and plant the seeds for a rematch at the same time.

One way for it to happen is for Punk to win with a clean pin, but after a little bit of shenanigans. Not a whole lot of them, just a little bit. Just enough so that Jericho can come out the next night on Raw and demand a rematch because of them.

Another way to keep this feud going is for Jericho to continue to make it more personal after WrestleMania. We may see Jericho physically attack Punk's father (paid actor) in a vignette that will set up an extreme-rules match at the next pay-per-view, aptly titled Extreme Rules.

The pay-per-view after WrestleMania is usually chock-full of rematches from the biggest show of the year anyway. Whether it's Backlash (an event I wish WWE would bring back) or Extreme Rules, there will be more to come from this feud.