The Hot Stove Is Running: Will The Offseason Signings Effect The Postseason?

Ben KuruContributor IJune 23, 2016

I must admit, I am, unfortunately for my baseball viewing pleasures, a Reds fan. With this offseason's high-priced free-agent signings, small market teams like the Reds have been left in the dust.

Although last season's biggest headline was the rags to riches story of the Tampa Bay Rays, that seldom happens in today's big market, big success league. The Rays truly did it the old fashion way, by signing prospects and developing them in the farm system.

Truly a dying art form in the MLB.

With all the other major sports teams adopting a salary cap system, it has become a highly scrutinized topic for sport's fans. The salary cap places a limit on the amount of money an organization can spend on roster spots which is said to even the playing field.

No pun intended.

In the current MLB system owners can build their teams out of their own pockets. This allows the richest teams to be the best teams.

It is no coincidence that some of the best teams have the most money including the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, and it is almost like their owners, John Cashman and Theo Epstein, respectively, are burning holes in their pockets. Teams that have excelled in stocking their all ready stacked teams over the offseason.

The Yankees, who have always been notoriously big spenders have spent cash like it was going out of style, still have plenty of money to spare. They have signed pitcher, A.J. Burnett after his former team, the small market Toronto Blue Jays, failed to meet his financial needs. The hated Yankees have also signed fee agent pitcher extraordinaire, C.C. Sabathia and former Angel's first baseman Mark Teixeira. Both of whom received record breaking deals.

Weather you think this is unfair, like me, or you feel the owner's earned the money and they deserve to spend it, it's clear that today's struggling American economy hasn't effected it's national passed time.