Power Ranking the NBA's Best Sixth Men Through the First 3/4 of the Season

Rich Kurtzman@@RichKurtzman Senior Analyst IMarch 28, 2012

Power Ranking the NBA's Best Sixth Men Through the First 3/4 of the Season

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    The sixth man is every championship contending NBA team's unsung hero.


    When the starters are struggling, he's the first one to step up and take on the role of righting the team.


    He's got to be able to score in a variety of ways, while passing, rebounding and playing defense—basically anything the team needs of him.


    At times, the sixth man is even more valuable than some starters, and the men on this list all make an impact on their respective teams.


    Who are the best sixth men in the game?


    Find out on the next few slides.

5. Mo Williams

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    When Chauncey Billups went down, it was a big blow to the Clippers and their playoff hopes.


    Luckily for L.A.'s second team that they have Mo Williams as their third point guard.


    He's certainly stepped up in Billups' absence, as his 13.6 points per game are fourth most among active Clippers.


    Williams can hit threes, he's very reliable from the line and he is also the second-best at dropping dimes (3.1) and stealing the ball (one) every game.

4. Jason Terry

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    When it comes to deadly jumpers, the Jet's is definitely wet.


    Terry can light up the scoreboard by knocking down mid-range Js and by bombing the bucket from beyond the arc.


    The wily veteran is currently shooting 38.0 percent from three-point land and he's second in the NBA in made threes at 104.


    Terry's so key to the Mavericks' success, he's second on the team in scoring (15.3) and second in assists (3.5).


    He's instant offense and a stabilizing presence whenever he's on the floor.

3. Al Harrington

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    Harrington, the 14-year vet, has played with an extra spring in his step this season.


    He's third on the Nuggets in scoring (14.5 PPG) and third in rebounding (6.5 RPG), while giving Denver one of the deeper benches in the league.


    Harrington can splash threes with ease, and he loves to hoist them—but he can also score off the dribble, driving in for layups off the glass, which he also enjoys doing.


    Truth be told, Harrington's not the most unselfish player in the league, but he is one of the Nuggets' most consistent players, keeping their playoff dreams alive this year.

2. Lou Williams

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    It's not often that a sixth man leads his team in scoring, especially when that team is in the top tier of its conference.


    Lou Williams is that special player, as he scores 15.6 per game, utilizing his amazing athletic abilities to drive to the hoop and finish with ease.


    And while Williams is averaging a career-high in scoring, he's also shooting threes at a career-best 37.2 percent.


    He helps the team with dropping dimes, grabbing loose rebounds and playing defense as well.

1. James Harden

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    Harden is hands-down the best backup in the NBA. In fact, he could be starting on many teams today.


    Instead, Harden helps give the Thunder arguably the deepest team in the Association.


    Harden scores the ball with a sweet shot and by running the break with break-neck speed to ram the rock through the rim.


    His 17.2 PPG are third on the team behind stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, but Harden leads them both in steals (1.76 per) and is second on the team in assists (3.8).


    James Harden is an all-around player, the very definition of a sixth man, the man that does anything and everything his team needs to win games.


    And the Thunder have won many; in fact their 38-12 record is the second-best in the NBA and Harden's help has been huge in Oklahoma City this season.

Who Did We Miss?

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    So, who was missed?


    Who should have been placed higher and who lower?


    Let's get some healthy and fun discussion going on, NBA fans!


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