Man of Style: Tim Tebow

Jennifer TaglioneCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2009

I believe I owe you a Man of Style! Sorry about the delay—stupid flu! I actually picked this hottie fine young athlete for MoS last Thursday, but I wasn’t able to write about it until now.

My Pick for Man of Style this week:

Tim Tebow

Who is he?

The Florida Gators star quarterback who just led his team to the BCS Championship.

Why we love him

  • He’s a 6′2, 238 pound man of muscles! (Just ask my search results. Had a few people actually Google Tim Tebow’s muscles!)
  • He’s a 21-year-old Leo, born August 14.
  • He was born in the Phillipines to Christian missionaries!
  • He almost wasn’t born! His mom was really sick and the doctor’s recommended an abortion because they didn’t think the fetus would survive the trauma. This is why you always get a second opinion!
  • All the Tebow children (Tim is the fifth) were home schooled!
  • Before college, Tim spent his summers in the Phillipines with his father helping with the missionary work!

Why we love his style:

Now, let me just say that prior to this I was not a Tebow fan, even though I live in Florida where he is likened to God. I was all about Sam Bradford (don’t worry, I still think Sam is hotter). But this video totally changed my mind about Tim and I think next year I really will be Go Gator Nation!

I was going to show you a hot pic of him without his shirt and say “enough said” but I found this video instead. It’s long but it’s really powerful.

Enough said.

But just in case it’s not…In high school Tim:

  • Won Florida’s Player of the Year two years in a row.
  • Was named Florida’s Mr. Football.
  • Led his team to the state title.
  • Was All-State, All-American and All-Century (an honor given in 2007 to commemorate 100 years of high school football in Florida).
  • Actually played a game on a broken leg.

“Career” (in this case career = college!)

Before I start, can I just mention how freaking cool it was the the first video I found was set to David Cook’s Light On? Seriously? What are the chances! I don’t even know what’s in the video! I’m just excited about the song.

Tim is the first sophomore to win the prestigious Heisman Trophy, given to the Most Outstanding College Football Player of the Year.

  • In his first year with the Florida Gators, the team won the BCS Championship Title. In that game, he threw for one touchdown and rushed for another.

The next year he won the Heisman and:

  • The Davey O’Brien award given to the top quarterback in the nation
  • The SEC Male Athlete of the Year
  • The Maxwell Award, which is given to the best player in the nation (as judged by sportwriters, sportscasters, and NCAA head coaches)

In 2008

  • Tim won the Maxwell again. He is only the second player to win the award twice.
  • Became the SEC’s Offensive and Athlete-Scholar of the Year
  • He came in third for the Heisman but met up with the winner Sam Bradford (and the Oklahoma Sooners) in the BCS Championship Game
  • And in case you didn’t know, Tim totally kicked ass and won the title.
  • He was also given the ESPY for Male College Athlete of the year.

Just days ago, Tim announced that instead of skipping out on his senior year to join the NFL, he would be cool and stay in school!

*info compiled from Wikipedia and Tim’s fan site: TimTebowFans