TUS Goes 1-on-1 with Shane Del Rosario & Ian McCall Teaches You MMA Moves

The Ultimate Show@@UltimateShowMMAWeekly UFC ShowMarch 27, 2012

Kenda’s back with an all-new episode of Bleacher Report’s The Ultimate Show.

TUF aired last Friday with the same knockout power as the week before.  Justin Lawrence squared off with Brazil’s Cristiano Marcello and in the second round, Lawrence landed a solid right hook to put Marcello to sleep.

Urijah Faber will be looking for his team’s first win on Friday as Al LaQuinta will take on hard-hitting Miles Jury.

Wanna try out some MMA moves on your friends? Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall walks The Ultimate Show through this week’s Move of the Week.  As McCall says, this is the perfect move if you want to “beat someone up.”

The Ultimate Show sits down with MMA veteran and UFC newcomer Shane Del Rosario.  Recovering from an injury, Del Rosario is prepping for his fight against Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 146.

We’re giving away the The Ultimate t-shirts to the viewer who first identifies this week’s Identi-fighter.

Last but not least, TUS checks in with Bleacher Report’s UFC Lead Writer Jeremy Botter on Kimbo Slice’s latest boxing match.  Was it fixed?

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