WWE: WrestleMania 28 Sketchbook, CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

John KindelanAnalyst IIIMarch 31, 2012

WWE: WrestleMania 28 Sketchbook, CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

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    Welcome to the third installment of my WrestleMania 28 sketchbook.

    This one took a little longer than the previous two, as Jericho and Punk are two of my personal favorite performers of all-time, so they needed extra special care.

    The story of these two has been going on since Jericho's return; it's all been leading up to this match at the grandest stage of them, WrestleMania, where it will be determined who is The Best in the World.

    This match is so amazing, and with such potential of stealing the entire show that the fact that it's for the WWE championship is secondary to who is better. 

    In my previous sketchbooks, I've analyzed the story; for this, I'm analyzing the participants. 

    With Mania in just a couple days, the anticipation of the event is building bigger than any other WrestleMania in the history of the WWE. 

    Please enjoy my Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk sketchbook, breaking down the men, the moves, the mics and the match.

Best There Is at What I Do

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    "I'm the best there is at what I do..in the world."

    Jericho's motto that he's been saying in the WWE for years and his stance that Punk is out to be a wannabe Chris Jericho. 

    His claim that he's done everything that Punk has done long before he's done it may have some legitimacy to it. The sitting in the ring Indian-style, the cocky attitude, the "rebel" of the company. Jericho has done so much its hard for Punk to deny he hasn't been influenced by the lionheart.

    Unfortunately, Jericho should not be being to righteous when it comes to his claim of the phrase Best in the World since the Marvel comics character Wolverine has been saying it since December of 1982.

Best in the World

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    While not from Yancy Street, CM Punk knows all about Clobberin Time.

    If you don't speak comic geek, Yancy Street is the place where Ben Grimm, aka The Thing from The Fantastic Four, grew up on learning how to hand out the beatings. Punk shouts out "Its Clobberin' Time" when he hits the stage before entering in the ring.

    Punk claims he's not out to be a wannabe; he says he's the best in the world because he is the best wrestler in the world.

    He may not have the international exposure like Jericho has had, traveling the world and learning his skill set. Punk learned his skills in Ring of Honor and briefly in TNA. Since winning the WWE championship, Punk has exploded in the WWE.

    Before winning his title, he was the man the crowd chanted and sang to leave and wanted to go; now, he's the one whose t-shirts fill the stadium. Punk truly must posses some sort of super power. 

Arm Bar!

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    When it comes to masters of the microphone, Chris Jericho has been tearing up the screen and dominating the microphone in a way very few have.

    He is in a special group whose interviews and monologues are just as memorable as his matches.

    In 1998, Jericho brought out his list of 1,004 moves that he has, and by reading from a piece of paper and stating every other move he knows is an armbar, he cemented himself in history alongside Piper's coconut smash to Snuka and any ridiculous incoherent ramblings of The Ultimate Warrior. 

Straight Edge

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    Straight Edge preaching. CM Punk used to not just say he was the best in the world when it came to being a wrestler; at one point, he was the best in the world at EVERYTHING because he was straight edge.

    The concept that a man was telling the crowd about not doing drugs, not drinking, staying clean and living right, but he was considered the Heel, is outstanding.

    Looking back at the Straight Edge Society, Punk was hated by everyone. His feuds with Big Show and Rey Mysterio really put him over the top that he was one of the most hated heels in wrestling history. He was a vile individual, but the reason he was so bad was because he was so good. The crowd hated him for telling them they should live cleaner better lives. 

    Before the "pipe bombs" and calling Triple H Paul, CM Punk was exploding with righteousness and confidence in such a way that we hated him. He's managed to spin that around to now have the crowd love him for it; the man may be the Best in the World.

The Walls

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    Not only do they have similar skills on the microphone, but when it comes to in-ring moves, they aren't that far off either. Both have devastating submission moves that could be the determining factor that ends this battle between to very equal superstars.

    The Walls of Jericho applies massive pressure to the opponent's lower back. It can be executed with sitting on the opponent's back or by dropping to one knee. Jericho is for locking the move in the center of the ring so that there is little chance of getting to the ropes to break the hold. And while that is a possibility, the move is one that allows Jericho to simply walk the move back to the center away from the ropes to continue the hold

    His Lion Tamer move should not be confused with the Walls of Jericho. The Lion Tamer has Jericho put his knee into his opponent's back rather than having legs on either side of the person he's wrestling. The move might not look more devastating and painful, but in fact, with Jericho's full frame sitting on your back, the Walls are more painful and much more difficult to counter or escape.

Anaconda Vice

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    The Anaconda Vice, a Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu choke hold that is considered legal in the WWE, is a move that applies pressure to the opponent's neck shoulder and arm. It's effective in two ways: it can either choke out the opponent like a sleeper hold, causing them to lose consciousness, or the pain itself will cause the person to tap out.

    The move puts Punk in a position on the mat that makes it difficult to have the person on the receiving end not be able to crawl to the ropes to escape. 

    The only ways to escape the anaconda vice are to roll your legs up to the front towards Punk to relieve the pressure and to position yourself in a manner that could allow you to move Punk's arms to slip from the hold.

    The only other way to escape an Anaconda's vice is to be Ice Cube or J-Lo.

Hit out of Nowhere

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    Jericho's Codebreaker move is an extremely dangerous one, not only because it drives the receivers face into the shins and knees of Jericho, but it can be hit at any moment and from multiple positions.

    Rey Mysterio was on the receiving end of a Codebreaker after he leapt from the top rope. 

    Jericho's lightening reflexes, incredible in-ring presence and knowledge puts him at a distinct advantage in the finisher department. He is able to hit the Codebreaker no matter what condition he's in. Like a Stone Cold Stunner, it is unpredictable, and when it's hit, it very well could be the end of the match.

Go to Sleep

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    The Go To Sleep finisher does not have the same quick-hit reaction that the Code Breaker does, but the action of dropping your opponent off your shoulders and face-first into your knee will obviously put your opponent to sleep.

    Scientifically speaking, Force = Mass x Acceleration. 

    With Punk dropping the person from his shoulders, they're falling at the rate of gravity, 9.8 meters per second. Punk brings his knee up, increasing the force of the impact by multiplying the acceleration and bringing his knee up to meet the falling superstar's face.

    Your only option for escape of this devastating hit is by elbowing Punk in the jaw and side of the head in these brief moments where he has you up on his shoulders.

Best There Is

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    Chris Jericho is a champion; he's held the Intercontinental championship more times than any man ever in the WWE history. He's been a tag team champion, a World Heavyweight Champion and of course, the first ever Undisputed Champion of the WWE.

    His bragging of beating both The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the same night is not something to be taken lightly. To beat two champions of that level at the same pay-per-view had never been done before and will never be done again.

    Chris Jericho IS the best there is at what he does in the WORLD. He has saved us, he has broken the walls down and when the millennium clock struck years ago ,the WWE was NEVER ever the same...again.

    Punk claimed that while he was swimming with the sharks, Jericho was dancing with the stars. But Jericho was dealing with the politics of Eric Bischoff and the egotism of Bill Goldberg while CM Punk was wrestling in Bingo Halls. So Jericho has earned his dues, he earned his time away and he was dealing with sharks and taking them on head on long before Punk even got in the water.

    I have been a fan of Jericho since his days in ECW and WCW, and the night he came to the WWE is one I'll never forget. It was a moment like when Hogan slammed Andre, when Austin passed out due to Brett and when Mick Foley fell from the Hell in a Cell. 

    I cannot write this slide as an impartial report, as I have rooted for Jericho to win any match he has ever been and always will no matter who he's against. I'm from Buffalo; when we're a fan of something, we don't change our minds no matter who we're up against.

Best in the World

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    CM Punk is truly an outstanding performer. His wrestling skills, his mic work and the way he can work a crowd is something that very few superstars have ever achieved in their careers.

    Whether he was a good guy and the crowd was rooting for him to drop the pipe bombs, call it like it is and demand ice cream bars to return, or he was the heel telling us he was better than us all because he doesn't drink and he doesn't do drugs.

    Punk's mix of Jiu-Jitsu style moves, his kicks strikes and submission moves, combined with the pro wrestling elbow drops, lariats and drop kicks, make him a dangerous man to any opponent.

    It will be interesting to see if Punk is able to retain his title against a veteran like Jericho, and if he does, who will be the next man to take Punk on for the title?

    This Sunday, we will see if Punk has the ability to put his money or rather his title where his mouth is and if he can truly take out the man who has proven he is the best in the world at what he does.


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    I hope you enjoyed the CM Punk vs. Chris Jeircho  WWE sketchbook for WrestleMania 28

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