Josh Brown Has Opinions, but No Mustache in 'Stache Act' Endorsement Video

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St. Louis Rams kicker Josh Brown is an unlikely candidate for endorsing anything to do with mustaches, seeing as he doesn't have one. In fact, I can't remember Brown ever sporting facial hair. It's not like I have a file on the guy, I'm just saying. 

Anyway, here's a video of Brown, advocating "mustached American rights" and "clean drinking water" on the heels of the actually-a-thing Million Mustache March in Washington, DC this weekend. Brown also is in favor of the "Stache Act," which would provide a $250 tax credit for anyone with a mustache, to be spent on mustache grooming products. I have no idea if this would include the ladies.

Actually, the mustache business is a charity effort to benefit Millions From One, who are drilling wells to provide clean drinking water for developing countries. They're getting donations from H&R Block for every mustached American that uploads his or her image on their Facebook page. And if said image has no mustache, you can add one, thanks to the power of computer technology.

This is just another reminder that kickers do have a voice, and sometimes that voice is even put to good use.  

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