Marcus Camby Scores from 90 Feet, Can't Quite Beat the Buzzer

Holly MacKenzie@stackmackNBA Lead BloggerMarch 27, 2012

There's something about trick shots and buzzer beaters; they turn us all into eight-year-olds again. No matter how many we've seen, or how many the shooter has made, each one is its own exciting delight. 

Even when it doesn't actually count for three points on the scoreboard.

I think part of the reason they remain so exciting is that the athletes who sometimes seem too cool for their own good immediately act like fans themselves when the shot goes through the net. Most NBA practices end with guys trying to hit from half court or full court, sometimes even the coaches get in on the action with trick shots off of the shot clock or side of the wall.

The craziest I've seen came courtesy of Dwight Howard, who sat on the floor at half court and used a two-handed push shot to score from there.

Check out this bomb from Marcus Camby at the end of the third quarter of the Rockets/Kings game. It didn't count because it was ruled to come after the buzzer sounded, but that doesn't take away from the greatest of the bucket or Camby's little l-e-a-n back at the end of the video while he watches the shot splash through the net.

It's fun watching 38-year-olds act like they've just hit their first trick shot, isn't it?