Joe JonesCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2009

As hours turn into days, the Herm Edward show comes to a close.  He no longer has Carl "The Truth" Peterson's shoulder to rest his head on.  And no longer will the fans be haunted by his trade mark words "You play to win the game!"

As the Scott Pioli era begins, the two have different ideas about how to build a team.  Sure, Herm brought in young talented players from the draft.  But there still needs to be a veteran leadership.  Scott has a proven track record with his tenure with the New England Patriots.  By bringing in the likes of a Corey Dillan, Richard Seymore and the Randy Mosses, he will bring that type of veteran talent to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Herm put all his marbles in the young drafted players not seeing the value that the veterans incite could cast apond the young players.  That's where Scott will bring an equal balance on to the team.

In the coming days, time will tell if Herm has made is last move.  As in the game of chess, Scott's next move could be Herm's "Checkmate".