Nadal vs. Federer: Who Will Retire First and Who Will Have the Longer Career?

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Nadal vs. Federer: Who Will Retire First and Who Will Have the Longer Career?
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Oftentimes when the names of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are mentioned in the same sentence, the commentary is usually something to do with their head to head record, their against-all-odds "friendship" or who is "better" than the other.

For those who want an answer to that last question, my only advice is that you recognize that comparisons are relative. Now, that's an aside.

A not-so-often talked about issue regards which of these two great players will leave the game first.

Some will point to Roger Federer and cite his age, lack of recent Grand Slam wins and family commitments as factors that predispose Federer for retirement before Nadal. Others will point to his style of play as a reason why he will retire after Nadal.

Others will point to Nadal, citing his injury issues, his style of play and the problems he has had with rivals such as Novak Djokovic as greater factors. While some will cite, among other reasons, his hunger for more slams as a reason why he will retire after Federer.

What do you think? Who will retire first and who will have the longer career? 

Jump into the debate and have your say.


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OMG, somebody call the ambulance quick. Vee Jay is having another fit.
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federer has said he'll shoot for Rio Olympics if his health holds up.. At that point, I believe Nadal will be aprox 30 +.. I remember reading wher...
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I think it's pretty safe to say even now that FEderer will have a longer career barred some unforeseen incident that just made playing impossible for ...
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"which I predict ot be the 2012 French Open, 2014 US Open, 2015 French Open and the 2016 Australian Open." Ehh?? You predict? More like throwing word...
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