#KUboobs Is Real and It Is Spectacular

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#KUboobs Is Real and It Is Spectacular

There's a new fad motor-boating its way around the country, and we can thank the University of Kansas for the breathtaking display of fan appreciation.

In response to their team upsetting UNC this past weekend and earning a trip to the Final Four, Jayhawks fans are flashing some unique support for their beloved ballers, according to fox4kc.com.

Many KU fans are getting involved in the #KUBoobs phenomenon that has involved pictures from one social media fiend to the next, each one featuring an eager chest, or rather the ultimate form of support.

And while men around the sports world feel like they've finally reached heaven, it's not only women that are partaking in this memorable act of support. Oh yes—there are some hairy chests out there hoping to garner some attention.

While many are ecstatic about this flash of pride, there are some who believe a new intro video needs to be made in dedication to this new anomaly, music and pictures eloquently meshed.

But enough with the politically correct detailing of this miracle, @KUBoobs is perhaps the sexiest thing to happen to the sports world since Larissa Riquelme's cell phone display in Paraguay. 

And let's not be coy, every man on the planet has been yearning for this day.

Like #Tebowmania or #Linsanity, #KUBoobs is taking over the sports domain...and quickly.

Apparently Kentucky fans are taking notice, and the enthusiasm is spreading like wildfire to say the least.

A refreshing, creative start to the day for sports fans alike, it doesn't quite get any better.

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